Recrafting Battlefield weapons

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Recrafting Battlefield weapons

Post by Trixie9819 »

I THINK I read that you can deconstruct the armor and weapons from the battlefields. Has anyone done this? What is needed in the way of supplies. Can you experiment as you re-construct it? Does Quality etc matter when re-constructing? What can you get in the way of damage or protection or whatever.

Basically, I have a friend dragging my Ent through the battlefields, and I want to take advantage of getting 'better' stuff if he's going to go through the trouble of teaching me to PVP.
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Re: Recrafting Battlefield weapons

Post by redwhitenblue »

Yes battlefield weapons are deconstructable by the person that purchases them. This turns it into a schem that you hand to a weaponsmith who then crafts it like any other weapon, quality experiments the whole 9 yards. I purchased the carbine and it is recrafted with stats comparable to the massassi carbine looted from EK.
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