GUIDE - Creature Resources
By Zimoon


Creature Resources — A Guide for You

or What Combateers Need to Know About Creature Resources

Which Creature Resources Are Good?
Qualities by Resource Types
Creature Resource -- Who Drops What?
Bone and Hide
Tips and Hints
Capped Stats

What do You need to know about creature resources?

Pre-NGE only Scouts and Rangers harvested creature resources. Nowadays all characters can harvest these resources. Crafters are self-sustained with all types of resources, except creature resources. Hence, crafters depend on combateers to hunt, gather and sell it.

Which Creature Resources Are Good?

Resource Types:
Generally speaking, all types of creature resources are used today, except Horn, Eggs, and Seafood. That is, Bone, Hide, Meat, and Milk are all used.

Which stats that are the most important depends on what is being made, see below. Traders consider the important stats as
  • 850+ good
  • 900+ great
  • 962+ excellent
Important stats generally come in combinations and the two or more stats of one or several combinations must be good. Hence, it is of no use that only one stat is good when the others are just crap.

Notice: some resource stats are capped, see final installment.

Resources spawn with new random stats and shift every 6 - 22 days. Once a specific resource type name depletes it never returns, never ever.

Great qualities spawn irregularly and seldom. Hence, when a good resource shows up, harvest as much as possible.

Bulk qualities are easy to find and normally about a few credits per unit (CPU) is reasonable. Small crates are less worth because of the hassle with them.

Quality resources have no upper price limit but the common "supply & demand". However, don't cry when the crafted goods become expensive, perhaps you sold the raw material.

Qualities by Resource Types

Here, stats are listed in order of importance, stats of minor importance are enclosed by parentheses, unused stats are not mentioned.

Armor: OQ SR
Food: OQ (DR SR)
Bulk qualities: Somewhat

Armor: OQ SR
Food: OQ (DR SR)
Bulk qualities: Yes
Bulk Wooly Hide: Yes

Food: PE OQ (FL DR)
Bulk qualities: Somewhat

Food: PE OQ (FL DR)
Bulk qualities: Yes

DR = Decay Resistance
FL = Flavor
MA = Malleability
OQ = Overall Quality
PE = Potential Energy
SR = Shock Resistance
UT = Unit Toughness

Creature Resource -- who drops what?

Quick lists on who drops a specified resource. See for more extensive lists.


Animal bone
Dropped by all kinds of animals, except at Mustafar.

Avian bones
Dropped by all kinds of flying creatures and birds, even by birds that don't fly. Not available at Mustafar.
Dantooine: Voritor (less obvious)


Bristley Hide

Corellia: Canoid, Dire cat, Gurrcat, Krahbu, Kahmurra, Murra, Prowler, Razor cat, Slice Hound, Tabage, Vrelt scavenger, Wrix

Dantooine: ---

Dathomir: Purbole

Endor: Hanadak, Jax, Remmer, Squall

Kashyyyk: Fern Bicker, Kkryytch, Ro-roo, Sathog, Walluga, Webweaver

Lok: Kusak, Pharple

Mustafar: ---

Naboo: Ikopi, Narglatch, Plains hunter, Prowler, Razor Cat, Shaupat, Slice Hound, Spitting Rawl, Swamp Stalker, Tusk Cat, Veermok

Rori: Bark Mite, Ikopi, Jax, Squall, Tusk Cat

Talus: Feline Razorfang, Kahmurra, Kima, Wrix

Tatooine: Cu Pa, Dragonet, Dune Lizard, Krayt Dragon, Prowler, Rill, Scyk

Yavin 4: Bat, Skreeg, Stintaril, Woolamander

Leathery Hide

Corellia: Bageraset, Gronda, Gubbur, Humbaba, Mawgax, Scavenger Rat, Spined Puc, Voritor, Vrelt, Wynock

Dantooine: Bol, Graul, Voritor

Dathomir: Baz Nitch, Bolma, Brackaset, Kamurith, Kiwi, Malkloc, Reptilian Flier, Rancor, Squill, Verne

Endor: Blurrg, Boar Wolf, Bolle Bol, Borgle, Bordok, Lantern Bird, Merek, Prong, Roba, Scavenger

Kashyyyk: Dak'ntho, Jyykle Vulture, Minstynger, Pug Jumper, Sawtooth

Lok: Gurk, Gurnaset, Kimogila, Mynock, Perlek, Snorbal, Spined snake Vesp

Mustafar: Talrus

Naboo: Blistmok, Bolle Bol, Chuba, Falumpaset, Fambaa, Flewt, Gnort, Kaduu, Mott, Nuna

Rori: Borgle, Chuba, Kai Tok, Nudfuh, Pugoriss, Vrobal

Talus: Fynock, Guf Drolg, Huf Dun, Humbaba, Roba, Sludge Panther, Tortur, Vynock

Tatooine: Boar, BoCatt, Dewback, Eopie, Gorg, Mynock, Ronto, Rat, Sevorrt, Squill, Worrt

Yavin 4: Mawgax, Spined Puc

Scaley Hide

Corellia: Corellian Butterfly, Dalyrake, Sharnaff

Dantooine: Quenker, Piket

Dathomir: Avian Spider, Shear Mite

Endor: Bark Mite Burrower, Bloodseeker Mite, Mine Rat

Kashyyyk: Bolotaur, Jagged Fang, Lazerothe, Shadevale, Uwari Beetle, Varactyl

Lok: ---

Mustafar: Blistmok Raptor, Jundank, Kubaza Beetle, Lava Flea, Lava Runner, Lazerothe, Malfosa, Xandank

Naboo: Flewt, Krevol, Rawl, Spineflap

Rori: Flewt, Krevol, Mite, Spineflap

Talus: Dalyrake, Mite

Tatooine: Beetle, Kreetle, Mite

Yavin 4: Crystal Snake, Kliknik

Wooly Hide

Corellia: Durni, Paralope, Vehement Warrior

Dantooine: Hurton, Thune

Dathomir: ---

Endor: Gurreck, Mantigrue

Kashyyyk: Bantha, Mouf, Uller

Lok: Langlatch

Mustafar: ---

Naboo: Gualama, Peko Peko, Tamed Hurton

Rori: Gualama, Torton, Vir Vur

Talus: Paralope

Tatooine: Bantha

Yavin 4: Mamien, Woolamander (only stunted and gatherer)

Quick list on who drops a specified meat.


Avian Meat

Corellia: Carrion Spat, Gulginaw, Rasp

Dantooine: ---

Dathomir: Avian Spider, Reptilian Flier

Endor: ---

Kashyyyk: Jagged Fang, Jyykle Vulture, Varactyl

Lok: Flit, Perlek, Pharple

Mustafar: ---

Naboo: Flet, Kaduu, Nuna, Peko Peko

Rori: Rasp, Vir Vur

Talus: Fynock, Gulginaw, Rasp

Tatooine: Nuna

Yavin 4: Choku, Whisper Bird

Carnivore Meat

Corellia: Canoid, Cat, Gronda, Gubbur, Gurrcat, Prowler, Sharnaff, Slice Hound, Tabage, Vrelt Mother, Wrix

Dantooine: Graul, Voritor

Dathomir: Kamurith, Kiwi, Purbole, Rancor, Squill

Endor: Blurrg, Boar Wolf, Borgle, Gurreck, Hanadak, Mantigrue, Remmer, Roba, Squill

Kashyyyk: Dak'ntho, Lazerothe, Minstyngar, Sathog, Sawtooth, Shadevale Venomsting, Urnsoris

Lok: Kimogila, Kusak, Langlatch

Mustafar: (Worms from foraging) ;)

Naboo: Cat, Flesh Eating Chuba, Narglatch, Plains Hunter, Prowler, Shaupaut, Slice Hound, Spitting Rawl, Swamp Stalker, Veermok

Rori: Borgle, Chuba, Kai tok, Pugoriss, Torton, Tusk Cat, Vrobal

Talus: Roba, Sludge Panther, Tortur, Wrix

Tatooine: Dragonet, Dune Lizard, Krayt Dragon, Prowler, Rill, Scyk, Squill

Yavin 4: Crystal Snake, Gackle Bat, Kliknik, Stintaril, Woolamander

Domesticated Meat

Corellia: Humbaba

Dantooine: ---

Dathomir: ---

Endor: ---

Kashyyyk: ---

Lok: ---

Mustafar: ---

Naboo: Falumpaset, Mott

Rori: Jax

Talus: Humbaba

Tatooine: Eopie

Yavin 4: Mawgax

Herbivore Meat

Corellia: Bageraset, Durni, Krabhu, Murra, Paralope, Vynock

Dantooine: Bol, Piket, Thune

Dathomir: Kiwi, Malkloc, Verne

Endor: Bolle Bol, Bordok, Jax, Lantern Bird, Squall, Swirl Prong

Kashyyyk: Bantha, Fern Bicker, Kkryytch, Ro-roo, Uller, Walluga

Lok: Gurk, Gurnaset, Mynock, Snorbal

Mustafar: ---

Naboo: Bolle Bol, Chuba, Gnort, Gualama, Falumpaset, Mott

Rori: Gualama, Jax, Nudfuh, Squall

Talus: Feline Razorfang, Huf Dun, Kahmurra, Kima, Paralope, Vynock

Tatooine: Bantha, Boar, Eopie, Gorg, Mynock, Razorback, Ronto

Yavin 4: Skreeg

Insect Meat

Corellia: Corellian Butterfly, Dalyrake

Dantooine: ---

Dathomir: Kiin'dray, Shear Mite, Spider

Endor: Arachne, Mite

Kashyyyk: Webweaver, Urnsoris

Lok: ---

Mustafar: Jundank, Kubaza Beetle, Lava Flea / Strider, Malfosa, Xandank

Naboo: Flewt, Krevol, Spider, Spineflap

Rori: Flewt, Mite, Krevol, Spider, Spineflap

Talus: Dalyrake, Mite

Tatooine: Beetle, Kreetle, Mite

Yavin 4: Angler, Mite, Spider

Reptile Meat

Corellia: ---

Dantooine: ---

Dathomir: ---

Endor: ---

Kashyyyk: Bolotaur, Pug Jumper, Shadevale Stalker, Varactyl

Lok: Spined Snake, Vesp

Mustafar: Blistmok, Lava Runner

Naboo: Fambaa, Krevol, Rawl

Rori: ---

Talus: Guf Droig

Tatooine: Bocatt, Cu Pa, Dewback, Sandreaver, Sevorrt, Worrt

Yavin 4: Spined Puc

Wild Meat

Corellia: Vrelt (except Mother)

Dantooine: Hurtoon, Quenker

Dathomir: Baz Nitch, Bolma, Brackaset, Verne

Endor: Merek, Mine Rat

Kashyyyk: Mouf

Lok: ---

Mustafar: Talrus

Naboo: Gualama, Ikopi, Shaupaut, Tamed Huurton

Rori: Gualama, Ikopi

Talus: ---

Tatooine: Boar, Bocatt, Rat

Yavin 4: Mamien

Quick list on who drops a specified milk.


As of Chapter 3 Milk can be harvested from creatures that carry milk. The easiest way is to add the Milking icon from the Abilities screen onto the toolbar. Then simply target the creature while close enough, hit the button, and wait until the system messages say you are done.

Milking buff

In GU 9 Starshine Surprise was changed so it enhances milking. Now it gives bonus to Milk Quantity, Exceptional Milk Chance, and Paralyze Beast. Furthermore, it reduces the time to milk the critter to almost negligible time. The best SS is +3/+5/+25 for a duration of about 25 minutes. Soxna_Burafett reports that +2.3 MQ almost triples the yield :D

Milking guide in clicky.

Domesticated Milk

Corellia: ---

Dantooine: Lesser Plains Bol

Dathomir: ---

Endor: Bolle Bol Calf, Bordok (ancient and fols as mares are aggressive)

Kashyyyk: ---

Lok: ---

Mustafar: ---

Naboo: Motley Kaduu, Plodding Falumpaset (currently these critters don't spawn :( )

Rori: ---

Talus: Docile Kahmurra

Tatooine: Dwarf Bantha, Domestcated Eopie

Yavin 4: ---

Wild Milk

Corellia: Bageraset, Humbaba, Krahbu, Murra, Paralope, Sharnaff

Dantooine: Piket, Thune

Dathomir: Bolma, Brackaset, Verne

Endor: Arachne, Bolle Bol Female, Gurreck, Mantigrue

Kashyyyk: Bantha Matriarchs

Lok: Gurnaset, Snorbal

Mustafar: ---

Naboo: Bolle Bol, Falumpaset, Fambaa, Gungan <animal>, Gualama, Ikopi, Kaduu

Rori: Gualama, Ikopi

Talus: Humbaba, Kahmurra, Paralope

Tatooine: Bantha, Cu Pa, Eopie, Ronto

Yavin 4: Female Tybis

Tips and Hints

Credits to Red-Dwarf and numerous more for input to this section.

Good and bad zones

There are hidden "zones" in SWG that affect the resource yield, lets call them "creature quality". Pre-NGE, when the creature fell the system messages told the quality, the messages were from "sick and skinny" to "fat and healthy" and attentive Scouts and Rangers scouted for the latter quality before they decided for a hunting ground. This "quality" system is still fully working and affects the yield a lot, but the system messages are gone.

Today there is no other way to tell where the great quality zones are than to hunt down a creature and note the yield, move a distance (several 100 meters at a time) and repeat. Rinse and repeat until you find a great area.

Once you have found a great area, find two lairs about 300 to 500 meters from each other. Kill the creatures at the first lair but do not destroy the lair completely. Take down the creatures at the next lair, but not the lair itself. Return to the first lair which should have populated again by now. Rinse and repeat until ...


There are three bonuses to creature harvesting, and all these three bonuses do stack:

Droids with Creature Harvesting module give a bonus relative to the rating of the droid (over 75% bonus with a 100 rated droid). Only the R3 Adv. and the Mining MK 3 can take 6 such modules, of which each module can be rated up to 20, that is a maximum rating of 120 in the droid.

Droids can also have a Storage module built in, the trade off is a lower Creature Harvesting rating but the yield is stored inside the droid, a negligible feature.

Grouping gives a bonus to harvesting: 16% to 22% bonus just for being in a group with another player. Furthermore, every member of the group are able to harvest all carcasses, even non-combat members can do that. Grouping a droid gives no extra bonus.

Tips: Since carcasses vanish quickly after they are looted/harvested the group better organize itself in some way to get the best yield; do not spread out all over the place, otherwise the droids cannot keep up.

Veghash is an eatable buff that enhances the harvesting skill. A good Veghash has +34 for 24 minutes.

Red-Dwarf, one of our great Galactic Senators, compiled a great table comparing all the bonuses:

Code: Select all

                                  No      16 r.     84 r.     103 r.
                                 droid    droid     droid     droid

     Solo                        165      224       304       310
      % bonus c.f. solo                    36%       84%       88%
     Grouped                     201      275       361       371
      % bonus c.f. solo           22%      67%      119%      125%
     Solo w/ 15.45 Vegash        228      303       390       402
      % bonus c.f. solo           38%      84%      136%      144%
     Grouped w/ 15.45 Vegash     272      352       454       467
      % bonus c.f. solo           65%     113%      175%      183%
     Solo w/ 16.5 Vegash         230      306       392       404
      % bonus c.f. solo           39%      85%      138%      145%
     Grouped w/ 16.5 Vegash      271      367       462       477
      % bonus c.f. solo           64%     122%      180%      189% 
The table shows that you can triple your yield by using all three types of bonuses, a 100+ droid, grouping, and Veghash. The entire group will of course multiply this several times over.

Also, see this thread for awesome details on Creature Harvesting bonus vs. yield: Data on Droid Creature Harvest Bonus.

October 23, 2009, Sambril (Engineer Senator) posted the following chart and he was grouped using a Mining Mk3 CL1/CH120 and a Probot Adv. CL60/CH100, Veghash 33.66:

Code: Select all

    CH       w/o       with
  bonus    veghash    veghash
     0       292        533
   100       583        942
   120       604        965
NOTE: Verified reports show that old CH clothing attachments do not work anymore. However, all 3 bonuses combined give as much as a Master Ranger once made.

Starshine Surprise was changed in GU 9 so it now helps with Milking and obtaining Exceptional Milk. Reports (further down) state that the creature is paralyzed, milking time is reduced, yield is enhanced, all in all these bonuses result in about triple yield. Plus the milking collection. A good SS has +5.7 Milking Quantity / +5 Exceptional Milk Chance / +25 Paralyze beast / 24 minutes.

How to use a droid?

Droids are sold by Engineer Traders, and only the Mining Droid MK3 and the R3 Adv. droid can have 6 Creature Harvesting modules. Each module can be up to rating 20, resulting in a 120 rated droid. You also want them to have tough armor since some creatures do area attacks that kill the droid.

Droids harvest while you continue in combat, plus they give the bonus.

Operate the Droids

At the droid there will be a radial menu "Harvest Options" which has three options:
  1. Allows you to program a command to tell the droid to target and harvest an individual corpse (useful if for any reason the auto-harvest failed, you can manually command the droid to harvest it)
  2. Allows you to set the default type of resource that will be harvested (hide/bone/meat/random)
  3. A nice (aka GREAT) new option - "toggle auto harvest"
Set the options, including that final option, and just watch; as soon as the carcass hit the deck your droid will find its way to it and you will get a system message telling you how well your droid did, while you are still in combat.

  • Grouping with droids doesn't give any harvesting bonus.
  • The droid does the complete harvesting for you, you don't need to do anything with the carcass.
  • Droids with a storage module built in gathers the yield in there, at the trade off of a worse CH rating of the droid and less yield.
  • With no storage module the yield automatically end up as a crate in your inventory.
  • Droids need batteries, so buy a crate of "A Droid Battery".

If you don't use a harvesting droid, then you probably want to use the /harvest commands. They come in three flavors:
/harvest bone
/harvest hide
/harvest meat
depending on what you want to harvest, and what is worth harvesting at the particular time. Perhaps you want to make three one-line macros and map these to some keyboard key.

Perhaps you want to run one of them in a loop macro, named for example harv_hide:
/harvest hide;
/pause 0.3;
/macro harv_hide;
The pause is simply to cool down the macro a tad, you will note no difference. All loop macros can have this pause without degradation.

Warning: If you at the same time use a looped loot macro, then you will miss out on quite a lot of creature resources, but you will get all the 'cool loot' and butcher's offal. Why so?
  • The /loot command works while you are in combat
  • The /harvest command do not work while you are in combat
  • A carcass that is looted vanishes within a few seconds
  • If in combat for a while, the looted carcasses will vanish before you get out of combat to harvest them
Thence, turn off your looped looting macros while on a harvesting party. If you are grouped, ask all of the group members to do the same. Only run harvesting macros.

Capped Stats

Some resources have caps on their stats. The only interesting caps are the max caps. These are the caps that we currently know about with creature resources.


Animal Bones

MA max = 500

Avian Bones

DR max = 700, MA max = 600, SR max = 500, UT max = 500


No caps


Avian Meat

FL max = 700

Carnivore Meat

No caps

Domestcated Meat

PE max = 700

Herbivore Meat

FL max = 700, PE max = 700

Insect Meat

No caps

Reptilian Meat

No caps

Wild Meat

FL max = 700


Domestcated Milk

FL max = 700

Wild Milk

PE max = 700

People have asked me why nobody buys their stuff that they have put up for sale and others ask what is a reasonable price. Well ...

Pricing is the easiest to answer: "Supply & demand" sets the prices. No Trader will ever never buy at a higher price than necessary and they are the most skilled guys at browsing the bazaar & vendors to find the best deals. Simple as that. Generally speaking, unless your resource has excellent stats a decent price is just a few credits per unit (CPU = credit per unit). But, the better stats, the higher the prices.

Stack sizes is another important issue. No Trader want to run around the entire galaxy to pickup small stacks of a certain resource. My advice is to wait until you have a crate large enough for the 20k credits Bazaar sales limit. The only place where smaller stacks are in demand is at Mos Eisley, since the Novice Traders' quests require small stacks of meat and hide, about 50 units each of meat and hide, of any quality and at low prices.

Quality is the most important issue with resources in crafting. As stated, not only one but a set of stats must be at least good to be of any use to a Trader, see the first post above. When the basic required stats are good the price is higher than normal, but it's only when all of the required stats are great that we see a real boost to the prices. Again, "supply & demand" sets the prices, so browse the prices before you put up your great-quality-stacks for sale.

Resource types are often important. Not every resource type is specifically required by crafting schematics, and if not, then these types fall back into the generic, cheaper group. However, required specific resource types sell at better prices. Some types are rare even at bulk qualities, not to speak of higher qualities and quantities, since not that many bother harvesting them.

Communicate your fellow Trader. Many Traders appreciate that you contact them ...
  • when you have a bigger stack of a good or great resource
  • to ask if they need anything in particular at bulk quality
  • to keep an eye out for them for something
Remember, newbie Traders are never stocked with everything that the veterans have and are usually thankful for such deals. Veterans, on the other side, know exactly what they need and can pay for the extra mileage you offer them.

In the end of the day, SWG is a role playing game, where Traders and Combateers live together in a symbiosis. The better that cooperation works, the better game play for everyone.

Have fun :)

Happy Hunting Folks

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