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Reference suggestion

Post by Zimoon » Sat Jan 12, 2008 12:22 pm

Since I recently started a Structure Trader for the first time I often searches the schematics and guides. I then found that it would be convenient with some small additions to the lists of schematics:
  • Some schematics could have two entries (an invisible alternative name), for example both
    Basic Camp
    Camp, Basic

    The latter entry would then list all possible camps together. Very handy!
  • Components should belong to a "group". For example, camp modules belong to a group camp_modules, yeast additives belong to light/medium/heavy_food_additive which in its turn belong to food_additive (or possibly generic_food_additive), and their sub-components are also grouped in light/medium/heavy_food_components. Etcetera.

    These groups are also listed in the schematic lists, for example: Heavy Food Bio Component, Hyper Yeast Concentrate, etc.

    This makes for two things:
    • Easy browsing for users, since not everybody has in their head what is a sub component of such a group.
    • Schematics can refer to such a group when a component is called for. For example, today Deneelian Fizz Pudding optionally calls for Heavy Food Additive, which has a link to that schematic which calls for "Heavy Food Bio Component" but that one has no link to anything.
In essence my ideas aim at easy browsing of the schematics.

Priority: LOW
Severity: Enhancement

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