Does a program exist that.....

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Does a program exist that.....

Post by areonic » Thu Jun 24, 2010 2:35 pm

Is there a program or what not that pulls the resources you have ingame? I know theres some that you have to manualy input the amount and such? I guess my reason for asking, is say you have 5000 of a resource, you use 143 of it, now you have to go and edit out 143 of that resource....with all the mindless crafting some ppl do, a lil here and there, it just seems hard to keep up with it.

So like I said, is there something that automatically keeps count of what you have?

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Re: Does a program exist that.....

Post by Zimoon » Thu Jun 24, 2010 2:59 pm

SWGAide, in the nearby forum board, does some of that.

No, SWG has no feature to export resource stock to file or anything else.

However, give SWGAide a try and see the Resources panel and Inventory. Click F1 once there and see the import options. In short, SWGAide is using the in-game notes file system which is the easiest way to proceed. But if a resource is unknown here at SWGCraft you will get a message and you can add the using the add-old feature here at SWGCraft and then import those once again.

Recently was added a way to update your stock using the same notes files.
This add/subtract/correct feature use the exact same way as to import files, just that you use signs before the amount:
+1234 will add 1234 units to the amount SWGAide has in the inventory
-9876 will subtract 9876 units from...
=1000000 will overwrite the amount SWGAide has with the specified amount which here is 1000000
But the rest of the notes file looks the same.

You can also export to notes file so you can kind of take stock and update, add missing resources.
Ahem, I realize there is no way to erase an entry via this feature, I will see what is sensible in that regard.
Anyway, you just export the filtered view. This means that if you apply a filter for Copper so that you just see your entries for Copper, then just Copper is exported if you use that option. Great if you, as I do, have named containers for different resource classes :)

More is read in the help text in SWGAide.

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