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Capped multiline components, how do you tell?

Posted: Mon Mar 22, 2010 10:08 am
by Swedishoyster
Is there a way, apart from trial and error, to tell beforehand what the cap on a certain component using more than one line of experimentation?

For example, I've been trying to cap Enzyme Extraction Controls, it has two lines, Purity and Mutagen and ofc I want to cap it as high as possible, going for 100% on Purity then the rest in Mutagen.
Now 100% Purity gives the value 1.0, all my resources are above 96%, i have full suit 13 points, in a city, eating food ect. Is there a way to before hand know what 3 amazings in a row will result in?
A similar component with +96% gave me 1.0 / 0.24 and then i thought, OK that's the cap and probably all stuff with a 1.0 at 100% will give 0.24 on seckond line. However, after 2 amazings I got a lucky event on the third experimentation and got 1.0/0.26 as final outcome, thus higher than "cap". So, theorethically speaking, would it be possible, with A LOT of luck, getting 3 luck in a row and then getting above "normal" cap on other stuff too (ws comes to mind as a weapon with just a tiny bit more dps would go for an obscene amont of money).

Re: Capped multiline components, how do you tell?

Posted: Mon Mar 22, 2010 12:53 pm
by Zimoon
Here is two several matters discussed at once, so to dissect them:

1) What is the cap for line Purity? And for line Mutagen?
I'd say that 1.0 is the cap for both of them, no more no less. Right?

2) How much is left when the preferred line is capped?
Yeah, that completely depends on how many points capping the first line consumed
plus how lucky you are at the second line.

And as you see, 2) effectively say that IRL luck determines the outcome for the second line. And as fortune is hard to foretell there is not really a way to tell beforehand.

However, if you are up to theoretical studies you can reason like this
How many boxes do you need to go from a good/amazing assembly to 100%?
Let us assume a perfect assembly is 29% (I have a memory there are a few items that begin at 30).
Let us also assume that you always get an amazing dice roll.
100 - 29 = 71; 71 / 8.04 = 8.8 --> 9 boxes (it would be 9 even with all lucky strikes).

How much is left? 13 - 9 = 4 boxes for next line <<=== and it this number that is interesting because the first line is capped whatsoever and you have 4 boxes to use, no more no less. Also this line begins at 29%, right?

What if you are lucky enough to get 4 lucky strikes??? Compared to just amazings?

29 + 4*8.4 = 62.6%
29 + 4*8.05 = 61.2%
62.6 - 61.2 = 1.4%

This percent is computed over bottom to top. I do not know what bottom is, just that top is 1.0. So, as an example, assume bottom is -4 which gives a range of -4 to 1 which is 6 (I guess zero counts, as at a thermometer). This would give the extra 1.4% a worth of 0.084 (6*0.014). Theoretical cap is then 0.324 (0.24+0.084).

You noticed an increase from .24 to .26 from just one lucky strike. That would just be 0.35% and not 1.4%, so if the range is 6 the increase over an amazing is 0.021 which resembles your increase: 0.24 + 0.021 = 0.261.

Note: I do not know the bottom value which affects the range to compute over.


Re: Capped multiline components, how do you tell?

Posted: Mon Mar 22, 2010 4:30 pm
by Swedishoyster
As always a good and thorough reply, I'm sure I'll understand it when re-reading it a few more times.

So I gather I *could* increase the cap even on weapons if I got lucky instead of amazings too then...

Got a lot to think about, the real question is if it's worth the huge effort to try to get lucky strikes, even getting three amazings in a row can take me up to 10 times sometimes. Lucky strikes are very rare for me, guess I should use some luck pups next time :-)

Re: Capped multiline components, how do you tell?

Posted: Mon Mar 22, 2010 4:31 pm
by Zimoon
And even with Luck PUPs you will have a hard time get them 8)

Re: Capped multiline components, how do you tell?

Posted: Mon Mar 22, 2010 7:07 pm
by Savacc
Maybe you should change your definition of the word "cap" (remember "it depends on what your definition of the word is is" :lol: )

To me, "cap" means experimented to 100%. So anyone can "cap" one line on a schematic, only Shipwrights can "cap" a second line and only on a few of their items.