Fireworks Show - making your own Ohhs & Ahhs!

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Fireworks Show - making your own Ohhs & Ahhs!

Post by Arbreth » Tue Jan 27, 2009 5:25 am

Fireworks and Fireworks Shows can be made by any Trader so I am not going to get into how to make the fireworks or what goes into them, the purpose of this is to explain how to make the shows themselves.

The fireworks fall under Structure Fundamentals:
Traders get the ability to craft Types 1-3 fireworks at level 1.
Types 4 and 5 are available at level 4.
Type 10 at level 7.
Type 11 and the Fireworks Show Package at level 10.
Type 18 at level 14.

Fireworks can be set off individually and seem to craft in sets of 3 (one icon - 3 charges).
Fireworks Show Package (FSP) comes as a single empty shell.
Both the fireworks and the FSP can be launched from the hotbar, it takes a couple seconds before they initially launch so be patient.
Both the FSP and the fireworks can be experimented with on the specific 'Weapon, Droid, and General Item' tool. I have not yet, so am unsure of what changes what.

Create/purchase some fireworks of different types.
Create/purchase a Fireworks Show Package. If you purchase one, it may come pre-loaded by the maker, in which case you should be able to modify the show.
With all firework items in your inventory, right click on the FSP to bring up the radial menu:
Choose the option of Show Data
Add Event - A menu will come up with a listing of the fireworks in your inventory. Adding an event will add only one charge at a time up to 20.
Remove Event - Removes an event, this does NOT return the charge into your inventory.
Reorder Event - Select an event and click either the Move Up or Move Down buttons to change the order of the event.
Modify Event - This is where you set the delay between launches of each charge. Slider bar is in 1/10ths of a second (so setting the delay to 40 = 4 seconds) up to 90 (9 seconds). The numbers in parentheses (0:1.0s) before the name of the event relates to the delay between launches and the timing of the show from the initial launch.

Type 1 = Starburst (light)
Type 2 = Concussion Rings
Type 3 = Chandelier
Type 4 = Spiral Tears
Type 5 = Starburt (heavy)
(there are no listed types 6-9)
Type 10 = Concussion Rings?
Type 11 = Streamers?
(there are no listed types 12-17)
Type 18 = (unknown)
(there are not further listed types)

I hope this helps other poor noobs like myself who could not figure out how to use the FSP!

Have fun!



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