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Re: 11.4 broke harvesters

Posted: Sun Dec 21, 2008 10:13 am
by Zimoon
Oar, I believe it rather was the abundance of similar posts that put the lid on it: ... erId=83130
I would say that only 1 in 10 posts from you were not whining/ranting/trolling, and in the end ...

Let me put it like this: In the past I have been very harsh and put up strong critique. However, I always do that with respect for the readers either they are other players or SOE. And I try to provide what is referred to as "constructive criticism", having some valid, thought-through suggestions or ideas coming with it. In spite of my very strong opinions at times Valara not too long ago contacted me and asked if I had anything against being featured in Player Spotlight. Hence, it is all about wording and respectfulness.

I have sometimes argued with players that have the idea that since they pay they also got the right to say whatever to the staff of the company they pay to. Beyond that I think it is so much easier spitting out anger and venting when doing it by digital posts, not having to face the human being at the other end. But that is not how life works, not even at McDonalds when you get a pack of luke warm, soft strips you start yelling and cursing them but you, probably with a blank face, ask for another one. Should you see anybody behaving bad you would not be surprised if the staff does nothing beyond the basic, but the polite guy will probably also get a free coffee or the similar, right? You would even giggle if the staff was able to snatch back in some acceptable way that still put the bad customer in a bad manner.

I have yet not seen any software that comes and is maintained bug free. If that is what you want you should possibly play board games. That said, at times SWG has more than a fair share of bugs and issues, yes, it is an old game, still the only game that has kept me around for +4 years straight. I am mad at some issues but there are other stuff that keeps me more than happy.

For me the glass is always half full, possibly you see it as half empty. I am aware of the state of SWG but I like it anyway, most of all, I love the friends I have in-game and hope to meet some of them IRL soonish. I like the path the Devs have taken it lately, the current Life Day is plain cool, both the humorous gifts we get and the way we need to obtain them through, a tad silly but still something to do and it is voluntary.

If you ever liked SWG for what makes it unique then we will soon see you back. There is no other game with similar crafting, the mix of space/ground, combat/social, whatever/anything thingies there are which makes it possible for almost any type of player to find something they want to play with.

We are here when you decide to come back, greetings and safe travels


Re: 11.4 broke harvesters

Posted: Sun Dec 21, 2008 10:41 am
by Zimoon
In ... 49#8771784 Senator Onyx gives a detailed story of what happened.

It turns out that 11.5 indeed was working. BUT, it was not retroactive. I don't know why they did not made it retroactive, possibly because it was a lot more work to do that than the first fix which stopped the plague that caused healthy deeds turn dysfunctional. Or, put in other words, 11.5 made it so no more healthy deeds was affected, for those deeds that was not loaded into the world between 11.4 and 11.5.

Whatever, the later fix obviously works and is at TC.