GU5 Changed Resource Spawns

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GU5 Changed Resource Spawns

Post by kbuegel » Tue Aug 19, 2008 4:14 pm

Does anyone else see a pattern emerging from the resource spawns following the GU5 update? Here's what I see, perhaps its just a short-term fluke:

OQ is still random. 0-100%, even distribution.
All other stats are highly likely to be 80% or better, based on the cap for that type of resource.
This affects minerals for sure, and I think its affecting chem, gas, and probably everything.

This may be hard to detect by just looking at the raw numbers on resource stats because so many resources are capped at fairly low odd numbers (example, Plexite gemstone UT is capped at 425, so a spawn of 422 is significant, but not obvious unless you look at percentages). But if you turn on the "Show Stat Percentages" option when viewing current resources, you'll see how many resources have 90%+ values (orange or red colors) or 80%+ (green values). In theory, only 1 out of 10 resource stats should be in the 90%+ range. Here's the breakdown of percentages for my galaxy (Tempest) on Naboo for minerals:

Right now, there are 17 current mineral resource spawns. Most mineral resources have 7 or 8 stats except Radioactives which have only 3 stats.

These figures do NOT include OQ:
Stats above 90% based on cap: 58 Statistical average should be: 11
Stats between 80% and 90%: 34 Statistical average should be: 11
Stats below 80%: 20 Statistical average should be: 90

OQ stats, same resources:
Stats above 90%: 3 Statistical average should be: 2
Stats 80% to 90%: 3 Statistical average should be: 2
Stats below 80%: 11 Statistical average should be: 13

Out of the 17 resources, 6 of them has stats 99% or better (1 has 100%).
Out of the 17 resources, 8 of them (half!) have ALL stats above 80% (not including OQ).

Either we are having a lucky streak, or something has changed.

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Re: GU5 Changed Resource Spawns

Post by Sobuno » Tue Aug 19, 2008 4:21 pm

Just a note: Green values = 75% or better

But yeah, all minerals on Farstar (except one) have at least some stats colored... Then again, I don't monitor stuff like this

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Re: GU5 Changed Resource Spawns

Post by Savacc » Wed Aug 20, 2008 3:56 am

I dont see the same kind of thing on my server, Eclipse. Maybe a slightly higher amount of green rated resources, but nothing Ild call awesome.


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