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I also wanted too add that I left swg. Isn't it strange after spending coin too move two characters to a new server then three weeks leave. Maybe its not strange it was the crafting that turned me away. On both servers Bloodfin and Starsider and with forty million in resources I just couldn't hit cap. It was either I had just under cap resource stat or I had too wait for a spawn with cap stats.

Players don't want second best they want cap and without decay people aren't even interested in player crafted items they want quest items/vet rewards. As a crafter I sold my second best weapons armour for cheap and didn't sell anything. So I took and made two vendor one with all vet reward and beside it all crafted items weapons/armour and buy the end of the third day everything on the vet reward vendor was sold and three weeks after on the crafted items vendor i sold i believe four items.

Even though I have alot of resources with 950+ stats that spell that swg had once had over me is gone. Its funny when you think about it that I couldn't even give my crafted weapons away on the last few days that I had left min 480-1111 max damage with 1089 dps with socket.

So I cancelled my account time too wait for a mmo that has a decent crafting system with decay.

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SOE did shoot themselves in the foot yet again by removing durability loss and yet again with introducing better questrewards, no longer are the best items made by crafters, and no longer do we need to visit crafters to even maintain our good items, its kinda stupid
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