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SWGAide Alerts...

Post by Grumps » Sun Oct 10, 2010 8:10 pm

Still getting the hang of SWGAide, but I'm having an issue with the Alerts.

My guards are all showing orange when the resources are really not new. When I close out of SWGAide and open it back up it still says that there are new resources, when they are the same exact ones as last time.

I'm guessing that this only does this for the first day that the resource is in spawn, and if so, is there a way that I can change this?

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Re: SWGAide Alerts...

Post by Zimoon » Mon Oct 11, 2010 7:41 am

Hi Grumps,

For how a long time the guards will stay visible and alert is set by the option "Set time..." at the right-click popup dialog. They will stay visible that many hours from the day somebody reported them to SWGCraft.

If you begin to harvest a resource a guard is not triggered for that resource.

If a guard is triggered for something else it will display all resources, current and optionally from inventory, that matches the guard, no matter their age or if they are harvested. Just that at least one is young enough to trigger the guard.

Now, if I understood your post correctly I think there is a misconception, right? Guards are not defined as "show new" but as filters, hence they will not dim or turn off themselves when you have seen them once. I guess most crafters would be really annoyed by such a thing, at least I would; many times I see a resource from a guard but for one reason or another I decide to have it pending, if then a harvested resource depletes tomorrow or the next day I may want to switch my harvesters to the "new" resource and then I really want the guard to be visible. Occasionally I extend the time to 99 or more to "dig up" an older resource via the guards.

Guards are by default ordered by report-date, newest on top. This seemingly small thing means that you never have to walk over all guards, you just stop when you see resources turn ... let's say 2 days old. If you have sorted any columns and want to reset to default sorting, press the Clear button or Alt-C.

You are the first one to mention this but whether this is what everyone wants or not is to be discerned, right? However, I am always listening to user feedback and suggestions ... is this something that is of general interest? How many users would like an option that hides all guards that were visible the recent time SWGAide was launched? Or perhaps within some hours after SWGAide was launched?

The pros is obvious but just one: the list will always display only those resources that are new.
The cons are that great resources are hidden if you restart SWGAide and you must dig them up by other means.

What are your opinions?

Or is this more of a learning curve issue that goes away when the bulb lits up? If so I hope that the above helps you get the more use out of the current behavior than from changing it?


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