Updating/Report Problem

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Ersa Litros
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Updating/Report Problem

Post by Ersa Litros » Mon Aug 23, 2010 6:00 pm

Hi there.

Today used SWGAide like always to add my daily survey. When came back the report the follow appears [the stats i add them after]:

FarStar / CONTINUOUS-LIST / 1282583027
Eariti, Dantooine Domesticated Corn,226,123,922,807
Hidrogar, Lokian Domesticated Corn,85,594,658,559
Coilisrerf, Talusian Domesticated Corn,818,552,342,475
Obelap, Tatooinian Domesticated Corn,744,526,674,21
Icroha, Corellian Wild Corn,858,648,411,299
Okefa, Endorian Wild Corn,228,907,519,422
Rhawiho, Nabooian Wild Corn,626,440,399,170
Idabef, Yavinian Wild Corn,560,392,17,306
Oudisasia, Dathomirian Domesticated Rice,975,418,421,68
Attaleass, Lokian Domesticated Rice,828,80,734,680
Steagisa, Tatooinian Domesticated Rice,821,288,889,647
Feschla, Yavinian Domesticated Rice,520,11,509,819
Eegoj, Corellian Wild Rice,425,583,150,241
Onolci, Nabooian Wild Rice,908,490,452,321
Iepfefirc, Rori Wild Rice,869,462,387,259
Peotit, Tatooinian Wild Rice,463,594,289,299
Alofo, Yavinian Wild Rice,385,371,510,468
Roichraneb, Dantooine Domesticated Oats,911,134,409,674
Ecaco, Lokian Domesticated Oats,456,269,893,306
Aigip, Nabooian Domesticated Oats,708,98,437,569
Trifa, Talusian Domesticated Oats,83,626,318,803
Ioteiro, Yavinian Domesticated Oats,464,62,368,165
Asega, Dathomirian Wild Oats,421,433,543,866
Fowe, Rori Wild Oats,184,956,454,713
Biexaokena, Dathomirian Domesticated Wheat,25,125,576,968
Woigliv, Nabooian Domesticated Wheat,931,94,559,703
Pekro, Rori Domesticated Wheat,979,530,846,535
Oceque, Yavinian Domesticated Wheat,791,95,950,8
Amasowoo, Endorian Wild Wheat,411,983,43,158
Aswiwhelf, Lokian Wild Wheat,36,841,346,950
Memoc, Dathomirian Vegetable Greens,767,784,548,7
Marmosa, Nabooian Vegetable Greens,446,312,621,538
Okahofi, Tatooinian Vegetable Greens,912,53,310,627
Alliwwe, Corellian Vegetable Beans,529,413,314,643
Diwou, Dathomirian Vegetable Beans,495,707,218,94
Odajove, Endorian Vegetable Beans,580,180,736,231
Eboga, Tatooinian Vegetable Beans,859,137,494,16
Nawif, Corellian Vegetable Tubers,660,932,219,38
Aovikre, Nabooian Vegetable Tubers,883,967,194,39
Radado, Talusian Vegetable Tubers,885,311,380,5
Tiratik, Dathomirian Vegetable Fungus,161,748,988,963
Tefav, Endorian Vegetable Fungus,859,241,39,361
Pacrae, Rori Vegetable Fungus,95,329,83,997
Bokoo, Corellian Fruit,357,721,973,80
Esrani, Dathomirian Fruit,815,27,917,254
Iymmeisoki, Corellia Berry Fruit,822,659,647,535
Osrenethma, Dantooine Berry Fruit,11,440,937,74
Epocie, Dathomirian Berry Fruit,945,606,71,400
Oggashivi, Lokian Berry Fruit,953,662,304,266
Cixa, Rori Berry Fruit,998,522,357,250
Iregik, Rori Flower Fruit,905,930,553,912
Oedloi, Talusian Flower Fruit,621,996,557,573
Coace, Tatooinian Flower Fruit,805,354,458,785
Chradis, Rori Deciduous Wood,130,777,882,390,710
Telcea, Tatooinian Deciduous Wood,98,603,883,666,231
Poweuj, Dantooine Conifer Wood,127,821,981,102,126
Ohulph, Dathomirian Conifer Wood,371,907,946,181,211
Eenou, Lokian Conifer Wood,271,804,168,127,134
Seope, Tatooinian Conifer Wood,354,829,217,229,272
Erdedadiv, Lokian Evergreen Wood,321,927,304,92,296
Igosaom, Rori Evergreen Wood,429,806,635,89,30
Mefiw, Tatooinian Evergreen Wood,186,828,323,286,151
Carbahiwriagite, Class 2 Liquid Petro Fuel,296,617,62
Oagloa, Class 5 Liquid Petro Fuel,233,974,85
Khosmyawaun, Lubricating Oil,999,666
Carbufeb, Polymer,362,206,372,185,731
Idirarai, Polymer,233,957,222,576,833
Tritriism, Polymer,96,461,119,489,566
Aievele, Dathomirian Fiberplast,500,744,41,182,345
Eihimep, Endorian Fiberplast,477,590,83,560,826
Borevyf, Lokian Fiberplast,982,638,871,878,359
Otham, Nabooian Fiberplast,245,207,683,487,701
Prolio, Rori Fiberplast,578,284,806,903,730
Cergon, Tatooinian Fiberplast,374,922,435,387,26
Estidror, Yavinian Fiberplast,323,739,960,962,511
Ovopfofad, Corellian Water Vapor,955,875
Ailike, Talusian Water Vapor,829,992
Imosp, Yavinian Water Vapor,278,645
Triwreeciamoium, High Grade Polymetric Radioactive,58,640,93
Dureteileris, Rhodium Steel,33,17,521,629,8,192,547,473
Rifao, Thoranium Steel,283,182,686,711,117,358,670,563
Quadtetraneroium, Crystallized Bicorbantium Steel,779,779,981,278,995,500,927,839
Rerdid, Duralloy Steel,710,581,941,955,394,341,944,928
Avej, Axidite Iron,203,141,561,700,184,514,645,571
Iosi, Axidite Iron,323,117,576,609,238,417,628,598
Aikafafop, Bronzium Iron,373,223,629,688,250,113,670,711
Efoloeite, Dolovite Iron,588,378,727,877,423,20,818,845
Emnama, Dolovite Iron,603,371,824,855,429,26,778,810
Durinineoh, Unknown Non-Ferrous Metal,225,405,162,278,799,758,745,393
Pydiega, Titanium Aluminum,33,328,66,232,426,577,413,319
Ebow, Codoan Copper,320,667,256,404,731,486,477,539
Warell, Alantium Carbonate Ore,349,33,440,301,323,5,232
Carbixoode, Cortosis Siliclastic Ore,435,254,433,509,126,143,197
Iwir, Regvis Amorphous Gemstone,189,296,274,721,116,673,244,216
Omnitetracybiaviam, Ryll Amorphous Gemstone,484,516,513,836,364,88,569,623
Hapeide, Kerol Fire-Gem Crystalline Gemstone,741,350,368,830,196,732,662,541
Woliovei, Sormahil Fire Gem Crystalline Gemstone,823,684,671,933,255,770,763,731

Because i was not sure if was random fail or something that will continue i add them all again:[[[. Took me sometime to write them all again, but most of them was allready known in galaxy. Only some was new sigh.
Anyway i hope someone to look at it, because tomorrow again i will make survey and i don't want again to spent 1 hour to submit this lol

Many thx:]

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Re: Updating/Report Problem

Post by Zimoon » Mon Aug 23, 2010 8:23 pm

I am sorry to see you struggle :(

Remember, the old file is always backed up in \backups\GALAXY\res.NNN where NNN is a number, look for the date of the files and you find them.

I do not understand what your problem was, if it occurs again, please tell me a little more of the problem.


Ersa Litros
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Re: Updating/Report Problem

Post by Ersa Litros » Tue Aug 24, 2010 6:41 pm

Hi Zimoon, today my survey was fine like always. So everything is in order.

But i had a more carefull look in yesterday survey and i saw something. I had sent droid 2 times for the same planet and same type of resourse [Lok 2 droids for Flora] - [FYI usually when doing that, always remember to delete the doubles].

I dont know if that was the problem, but anyway i had to report that incase someone if future have a similar problem. Better sent out a 2nd time survey from writing all this bloody list lol


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Re: Updating/Report Problem

Post by Zimoon » Tue Aug 24, 2010 7:06 pm

I will have a look at the doubles so nobody should have to be cautious about that, thanks a lot :D

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