Importing or creating a guard error

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Importing or creating a guard error

Post by Wett » Mon Jul 26, 2010 5:49 am

I tried to import the attached guard into SWGAide 0.8.12, it installed but didnt add the threshold for 34 of the entries. I tried to manually input the threshold on the missing entries using the edit but the threshold box was locked. So I tried to manually make a guard and the same thing, the threshold box was locked.

No matter how many times i reinstalled the guard those 34 entries would not update with the threshold.
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Re: Importing or creating a guard error

Post by Zimoon » Mon Jul 26, 2010 7:18 pm

I see several guards which have a sum that does not sum up to about 100.

Guards are explained in the help text, which is now also found in an HTML file outside of SWGAide (if you have started it just once): <SWGAide>/docs/EN/help_resources__en.html about one page down. Or press F1 when at the guards panel in SWGAide.

For your convenience:
Weighed Guard – for each stat of interest, specify the experimental weight, the sum of all values must be close to 100. Specify the lowest acceptable threshold for the computed result for a resource. The threshold is an integer up to 1000 (up to 100.0%).
Because you have several guards with for example 50, 50, 50 the sum is 150 so the guard is treated as a plain filter with lowest acceptable value of 50 for the specified stats. You now have two choices:
  1. Edit the file outside of SWGAide so there are no such errors, just replace the erratic value with 0.
    This is the quickest choice unless you feel uncomfortable doing it.
  2. Edit each of the faulty entries in SWGAide, this is the safest by way slow
Have fun :D

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