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A favor that would mean a lot to me.

Posted: Wed May 11, 2011 3:54 am
by Wimzer
Hello. I'm sure, read hopeful, a few of you from Farstar know my name, but if not, no worries. I haven't been on galaxies in a while, and when considering re-subbing to take a few last looks at my things, I've discovered the unfortunate...error Sony made. Or at least, that it extended to my favorite MMO I've ever played. Sure, it may have it's rough patches, but it's still a gem. Anyway, a few weeks before I quit, I discovered that lovely little key in the upper right of the keyboard, Print screen. Now, I myself was never that great at taking screenies, but I did enjoy it, and I also enjoy looking at other peoples, and this is where the favor comes in.

If anyone, and I mean anyone, has a photobucket album, or an image dump, or even a rapidshare file that includes screenshots of the game I fell in love with, I beg you, please share it with me. Every screenshot tells a bit of the story that made up the game I enjoyed so much. Even if it's a shot of you walking through eisley spaceport, it means something to me. I don't care how bad you think it is, I would love to have it.

Thank you for reading something typed at 11PM. But seriously. Screenshots. I will love you.

Re: A favor that would mean a lot to me.

Posted: Wed May 11, 2011 7:37 am
by ziso
Hey Wimzer

Once you get back ingame, Unity is still extremly strong with over 450 active members and weekly heroics/combat/space content if you want to hook up with us again.

Unity Website (register for forums)

If your on facebook i have a Ziso facebook page with loads of SWG photo albums: ... 0662318385

Also a fans page with more albums: ... 671?v=wall

If you dont have facebook, make a page as its free and loads of SWG content on it inc official SWG facebook ... 7504535812

Catch you ingame hopefully when servers come online

Re: A favor that would mean a lot to me.

Posted: Thu May 12, 2011 2:24 am
by Wimzer
Thanks mate. And ofc I'd love to join Unity again. Although I might not be on as much, I'd love to get more involved, see how the guild has evolved since '08, when I quit. Added, you, and thanks alot!

Re: A favor that would mean a lot to me.

Posted: Thu May 12, 2011 7:23 am
by ziso
Most of us are still here, me, fargo, kicco, nubius, charle, tebryn, itelo, ri-om and more + lots joined us since from server transfers and new players etc.

Prometheus is as busy as ever and now has the cloud city shopping mall in its centre, with over 100 vendors inside + the rest of the cities shops are all still there and active.

Dont worry about not being on alot, since day 1 back in 2005, we have always said it doesnt matter if you play 24/7 or 10 minutes a week, if your cl90 veteren or a cl1 new player, all are equally welcome with us.

Recruiters are:
Myself (alt Lowyra)
Ambosa (alt ambo-domestics)

Hope servers are back soon and catch you ingame. Our website is very active, esp now games down so register there and then get access to forums etc and we have chat/shout on front page etc you can use

Re: A favor that would mean a lot to me.

Posted: Sun Jun 12, 2011 3:46 pm
by nayem
Thanks, I'd love to join Unity again & again.