SOE Down

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SOE Down

Post by tanooshman »

Back from lunch, time to resume some Hides harvesting (good Endorian Scaley spawn) but NO. All of SOE is down right now.

Was this a scheduled downtime? Did I not get the email?
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Re: SOE Down

Post by Darkflier_Industries »

I am able to log into the station launcher, I can get into game, but the SOE Website(s) are down currently. Cannot get into the SOE/SWG Forums to see if it is scheduled or not.
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Re: SOE Down

Post by Onyx »

Looks like they'd lost their DNS servers--it's all back up again now.
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Re: SOE Down

Post by Sobuno »

The only thing I could find (By digging through our own copy of their Developer Tracker while theirs was down) was a note about some maintenance (Forums and servers) tomorrow:

So that's probably not it.
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Re: SOE Down

Post by Zimoon »

Something fishy was going on, some stuff was listed as being down but worked anyway, but login was down for 10 or 15 minutes, I don't know whether restarting my router did it (refreshed the local DNS cache?) or if it was just the extra minute to wait.

Either way, I did check my harvesters, mails, updated creature resources for Chim, and chatted some friends, hence I'd say it worked quite OK, some packet loss occasionallu but that could be anything :D

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