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1 use Tree

Posted: Mon Nov 22, 2010 2:43 pm
by Oar
Do you remember when we didn't have 1 use recipes?

SOE wants you and me to imagine our character's as space age idiots. Frothing unfocused nitwits, that forget how make the last things, we do do. Its been like this for awhile, and it needs to stop. Before the Scythe blade, recipes we learned and had recieved were permanent. And that is how it should be. How can SOE expect us to master our trades like this? "Awe Shucks! I goofed. I won't try again, because its a 1 user. Guess I'll never learn from my mistake, unless I acquire a new schematic. Better go pick 60 weeds. Wait, I have to harvest resources too. Wait I have to compare resources, here." OMG, HEAD EXPLOSION. We cannot be in two places at once, so what gives? The in-game economy gives, its rather sluggish but it does give and take. Surprise anyone? Prolly not. SOE cornered the ingame economy with TCG. A MMO with a good economy emits a competitive feeling. One with a cashshop, doesn't. Without that competitiveness, nobody competes. Its that simple. No competitors = no players.

Only an idiotic Developer would ask their customers to go out and pick sixty some weeds and to earn a 1 use cosmetic schematic and afterwards think to themselves, "Doh, hey Melvin, lookie there. Them there customers be enjoying themselves." When I came back to SWG, I saw a 500 token cosmetic faction helmet, I thought well now there is something, I better be gracious and thankful, for that. I get one. Its better than a TCG reward, its actually earnable thru the GCW game mechanics. Amazing, I thought. Everyone sees a helmet, this is cool, I'm getting that, right now. HOWEVER the facts are very different. It doesn't even fit everyone and has an uncolorable visor! It didn't fit me. I'm a flipper faced MonCal. Half my head is now missing. My goggles show, what idiot wears goggles with a visored helmet, anyway? Me, I guess. So why is something that only fits human skulls priced at 500 tokens, you say? Why is it 1 use, you say? Ask Melvin.

Why is the Singing Mountain Witch clan Tree, style 1, bugged? Craft one yet? Its single use ya know? I did, it from... "from behind".. the collection. Its bugged really bad, tho. Lost my schematic to find this out. No I didn't craft it in Mos Eisley cantina, where the lag is horrible, and civilian entertainers are a thing of myth and legend, thanks to these new GCW changes. I did it on remote Dantooine. It turned out to be a cardboard box, with a blue aura, that said on it for all to see and read.. "? Unnamed Object." Its sitting in a guildhall, in galaxy far far away. It looks second rate. I feel second rate for puting it there, but the other Guild crafters needed to be made aware of it. SOE must be too caught up in themselves to put out a warning MOTD.

If ya ever wondered why this game bleeds customers, its not because of its price, its because of its production value, specifically because of its developer intelligence. We have lousy second rate shoestring development, but that's not new, almost every game on the market has that. Whats new is, they seem to be thinking nowadays, that customers enjoy second ratedness. I'm just venting here to share my angst, and let anyone out there know. I loathe 1 use schematics, have since I saw the first one. Scythe. Make em permanent or take em out. "1 use" decorations, are especially sucky. They are a waste of codelines and are the very epitome of game design ignorance.


Re: 1 use Tree

Posted: Tue Nov 23, 2010 5:35 am
by Savacc
Did you get banned again from the SOE forums, or are you posting here to avoid such a ban there?

Re: 1 use Tree

Posted: Wed Nov 24, 2010 6:29 am
by Monty Burns
To be honest after todays additions to the game I can't really disagree with him, seriously a hat and whip.

I also agree that the amount of work that goes into boring yourself stupid on Dathomir to pick weeds and all you get is a 1 use schematic, I don't have an issue with limited use schematics but I think 3-5 uses would be a little more realistic.

In terms of development quality well given that the GCW update is an unfinished bug ridden mess and now seems to be relegated to low priority to make way for the Dathomir Witches grind fest, space is a forgotten realm and we have seen little to no real content this year it is hard to be positive about the game anymore.

Re: 1 use Tree

Posted: Mon Nov 29, 2010 8:54 am
by Zimoon
This was a whine of magnitudes but while I agree with some parts I disagree with others. By the way, this is moved to general SWG discussion board because this is not that much about crafting but game as such.

One-use schematics:
Pros: something to do and go for, no quality resources*, creates some short-lived interdependency.
Cons: no crafting skills*.
Comments: any game is built around some things: consume your time while supposedly provide fun, challenge and surprise or reward-feelings. Several of these schematics do that, perhaps not all but several.
* A few schematics are quality and ... yes ... that sucks if you do not get your awesomes with them.

This is thin ice so I just say that it would be nice if crafters are given nice schematics as well, but if the credits help keep SWG afloat I am pragmatic and hope that gives me another year or two 8)

Dathomir witches:
The quests seems repeatable, not 100% if that is just until you "unlock" the next level or not. Thus you can get several schematics. But yes, 3-use could perhaps be better but over time I guess more players will feed the market anyway -- remember, No-Trade is chiefly obsolete.

Thanksgiving decorative gifts:
I have no idea what they will turn into when we are able to "convert" them after Nov 30. They might get awesome stats, but I hold my breath and would smile at almost anything more than a plain whip & hat. If that is it I will have another sigh.

Crafting bugs:
Cannot say squat as I have not yet crafted one. However, yesterday I put down trees in city for a guy so it seems other guys have crafted them, so, either you were unlucky or the bug only affects one or a few schematic types. Either way I'd put my energy in phrasing myself very polite in a ticket and ask for a new schematic (do not use the language of this topic as that yields you just sour milk).

Coins and whatever:
What stuff you value may not be the same that other players value, right? None of us like to spend time on anything but we want to login and have it in inventory just like that. But we realize that it won't happen so we invest some time to get what we want. Personally I kind of browse the price-list and decide if the price (whether coins or what) is worth it --- a decorative helmet is perhaps a "no" but a poster is perhaps a "yes" but in both cases they do not help me in neither crafting nor combat --- and I realize others have yet other preferences and my "taste" does not rule out SWG as a whole just because of X.

On the other hand, a game developer must find ways to get you spend time and at the same time provide you with the sensation of either reward or that you won a challenge ---> you are ├╝ber. In any game this is tricky and many developers have failed badly. Even if a game is seriously challenging to begin with, mainly shot'em'up games, if that is all it has people leave them quick because there is no reward but just the adrenaline from kicking ass. To find the balance between time-sink and sensation/surprise is a thin line to walk and, yes, SWG has some areas to polish --- but first we must realize that not everything must always please just myself but others may adore stuff I hate.

Finally I reiterate Savacc's question: why come here with this gripe? Nobody here has any say to influence SOE and at least myself has no wish to see SWGCraft turn into a GPD forum with hate and trolling.


Re: 1 use Tree

Posted: Thu Dec 02, 2010 8:18 am
by Oar
Zimoon wrote:why come here with this gripe?
Sorry. I missed the sign that said.. NO GRIPING. Leaving.

Re: 1 use Tree

Posted: Sat Dec 04, 2010 7:05 pm
by Zimoon
Oar wrote:
Zimoon wrote:why come here with this gripe?
Sorry. I missed the sign that said.. NO GRIPING. Leaving.
We have no such sign but if you have been around here a while you'd notice that the gripes and vents are few and far apart :lol:

Personally I am that kind of person that loves "constructive criticism" ... the kind that comes both with sour and suggestions. Even if the criticism of such a post can be close to lethal everything is balanced with well thought out suggestions or ideas. Such posts gives the addressee a chance to improve.

Take SWGAide as an example, it is probably not hard to post a gripe on that software but unless the complaints come with suggestions on how to improve, what can be done really? Not much, right?

A brain-dead drone can come up with gripes about almost anything, but it takes some guy to come up with ideas and suggestions --- that is why I most often stay out of the official GPD forum 8)