Chimaera *Buisness Opertunity*

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Chimaera *Buisness Opertunity*

Post by Heration » Mon Jun 15, 2009 4:06 pm

Heya Guys
Well im based on chimeara and im about to take up crafting, My 4yr old veteran city Tannah Ecko, Naboo (echo falls previously)
And i am looking for some experienced Traders to set up a mall there with myself, it is a level 4 Research Centre with a shuttle, and if you join the mall i am happy to give you a house in the city, thanks! here is what we have available, we are a friendly community so were obliged to help trader that are leveling also

Armor Smith (someone that can make atleast Capped Unlayerd)
weaponsmith (someone who can make nice weapons and is friendly)
Harvester maker (make capped harvies heavys atleast)
Housing trader (will also get custom orders from city )
Componet trader
Droid Engineers (can atleats make battledroids)
Cook ( make server capped food or drink)
i cant think of anything else but please dont hesitate to ask if you want to join and if you have another speciality
My chimeara names are

Thanks Alot guys, if this is successful i will put an advert on the forums to show, please experienced people only :)

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Re: Chimaera *Buisness Opertunity*

Post by Zarofdium » Tue Aug 04, 2009 3:36 am

Best of luck m8. I remember Echo Falls.. Used to be a bustling community... Glad you are striving to bring it back!

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