Servers Closing in October

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Re: Servers Closing in October

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Memnoc wrote:I'm not surprised I think alot of people knew some kind of crunch was coming. The next consideration will be when the new swg is released will that be the axe that takes care of busniess. And a few months ago I was wondering the same about what will happen too swgcraft with the old and new.

Hopefully SOE will hold onto the remaining servers and this sight can make adjustments without worrying.

I forgot to add something that I want to discuss with the members here at swgcraft and I think it is a good idea and would bring new people here too the forums. NO FLAMING :P

I wanted too suggest a general gaming forum istead of strictly a swg forum but still deicated too swg such and the resource/swg news. This is popular but many just use it for the resources. I've just added a few mmos that would boost interest and make this sight a hot spot. Ok....FLAME ON

What about the following:

Eve forum where players could discuss and share ideas about Eve

WoW forum

Aion forum
You do realize that quite few WoW players are disgruntled former SWG players who miss no opportunity to gripe about the NGE. ... efuge.html

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