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Re: ResourceCapture Release

Posted: Fri Apr 12, 2013 1:21 am
by Voren_Novar
This does seem intriguing. As I dont have a second comp currently ( tinkering around with it on various parts ) was wondering of using a VM image might work just as good as a second comp.

Edit-2 Ok so far in trying this out. When attempting to set up the OCR colors, the screenshot that I should be seeing should appear in Snap shotter correct> Also I did the print screen like you said but all I got was a picture of my Browser not the game while I was in the game. Did you do this in windowed mode?

Edit- 3 Ok Guessing I am having Networking issues as I seem to get the request now for the snapshot and it shows in snap-shotter. But now Resource capture just has errors on failed to get file/data something along those lines.