Third Party Utility... ok, its just a printed page.

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Third Party Utility... ok, its just a printed page.

Post by TimeLorde » Fri Jun 05, 2009 7:22 pm

Im an old pen and paper guy and some habits are hard to break. Several times Ive lifted the text from Lunariel's Guide and formatted it into a printed document for reference. My copy was getting a little ragged, so I went back to the file, made a few tweeks to text, and printed again. With Zimoon's SWGAide utility (love it), this seems almost anachronistic, but I still find it very handy when I want to check the stat caps on a particular resource.

I thought I'd share, so I posted it to Filefront in case anyone else wanted an organised printed page for reference. The 'one sheet' version fits on a single page (printed two sides) if your eyes and printer can handle the smallish text. There is also a 12 point text version there, too. ... einfo.html

hmmmm... link issues. there we go. Click my name at the top of that page to see other files for the 12 point ver.

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