Adding a Schematic In the Jnf 2.00 Spreedsheet

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Adding a Schematic In the Jnf 2.00 Spreedsheet

Post by agida » Sat Sep 06, 2008 6:52 pm

Adding a Schematic In the Jnf 2.00 Spreedsheet

Know that there are many hidden tabs in this spread sheet. Depending on the version of Excel you can unhide the sheets and add and/or manipulate the tabs needed.

There are three tabs of importance.

1. Data All

a. Columns 1 thru 5 hold the schematics, profession (these are required), and other nice to know stuff like skill level to make, complexity and whether you want it visible in schematic selection

b. Columns 6 thru 53 hold the experimental percentage such as Conductivity (CD) and Quality (OQ). There are 4 experimental percentage mixes depending on the schematic. For example on Shipwright items there’s Pitch, Yaw, Roll as one set of experimentation, while Top Speed is another as is mass. So depending what on you need you may only need to fill in one set of experimentation

c. Columns 54 thru 67 are more for your own use and can come in handy if and when the old Schematic sheet returns or I figure out how to make it work again (someday).

d. Column 68 is used to generate the schematics and get resources aligned in WTH based on the column have a ‘1’ in it.

e. Column 69 thru 80 are all the Required Components needed for a schematic. These are the base components not the advanced ones. Those are handled in “Required Components” tab and must match exactly or you bomb. It’s really handy in the old Schematic sheet as it would come in the sheet and do its own calculation for resources. If you enter something here make sure the spelling is correct everywhere as that will make the program bomb and drop you into debug mode.

f. Column 81 thru 92 are optional components too.

g. Column 93 thru 106 are the resources needed and quantity. Again these resources have to be spelled exactly as they are in the “Resource DB” tab or again the program will bomb.

h. Column 107 is the split that is based on the experimentation where let’s say you have Max damage use a different % of resources versus Min Damage. If you want your resources to be topped out at 100% for max damage then it’s 100;0;0;0 It’s important that you have all four fields separated by the semi-colon “;”. Or again you’ll bomb. But let’s say you want an equal amount of experimentation for both Max and Min damage then the values would be 50;50;0;0

i. Column 108 thru 119 are the definitions for the optional components, these must match the names again exactly as they are in the “Optional Component” tab.

j. Columns 120 thru 125 are again notes for you and only appear on the old schematics tab.

2. Required Components

a. Column 1 is the name of the required component, i.e. “Ranged Weapon Core”

b. Columns 2 thru n are the names of the more advanced modules of the component i.e. “Advanced Ranged Weapon Core”

3. Optional Components

a. Column 1 is the basic optional component with the work “No” in front of it i.e. “No Mark III Reactor Upgrade”

b. Columns 2 thru n are the names of the optional components i.e.

i. “Reactor Limiter - Mark I”

ii. “Reactor Limiter - Mark II”

iii. “Reactor Limiter - Mark III”

iv. “Reactor Overcharger - Mark I”

v. Etc.

Hope this helps you get thru the times until the new tool is there. I would put in the schematics that you really want to create. It takes a bit but then you'll understand appreciate the time it take to get this tool working.

Luv Agida
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