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Resource contribution screen

Post by Zimoon »

here comes my thoughts on GUI for contribution of resources and stats. This is about user friendliness and usability issues.

The interface looks great but in spite of I haven't used it extensively yet I find a few parts that can be improved.
  • I would love to see irrelevant stats dynamically grayed out to indicate which stats the chosen resource class does have
  • Have the text field at the very first page, why having to click another link?
  • Implement a few different convenience formats for the text area
    1. Add a list of resource names, having to add stats at next page, the old SWGCraft way
    2. One line at a time with ResourceName, Class, stats on the order read in game
Why do I stress this text field?

Because I strongly believe that contributors want the smoothest way possible not to take energy from game to feed a web service. We all do it in our own way, but I believe quite a few takes notes using the in game Notepad, then off to the web site. If that could be done in a copy&paste manner a lot of energy is saved and the possibility of numerous more contributors will take part (as opposed to readers (can we name them suckers as those only suck data? ;) )). The fill-in-a-web-form way is really not that quick and smooth, but there are certainly users that love it that way as well.

A number of regexp could easily discern between the different formats and if or if not stats are included. They could also take just initial parts of resource class names to discern the class, making it possible to abbreviate class names considerably.

BUG: If I select another galaxy, for example the (which I assume is for testing purposes?), it is lost while clicking to and fro. I am reverted back to my main galaxy Gorath. As long as the session is going on I want to stay at the chosen galaxy.

BUG? Clicking Add Resources while at galaxy with nothing added will take me to the next screen which seems to indicate that an empty string and -1 as class was added to the galaxy. Is that so? At Gorath nothing such seems to be added. However, I would expect a popup telling me to add a name and to select a resource class, rather than ending up at the next screen.

Finally, I lack the feature to remove resources, or at least mark them for removal. Why so? In the past I know I have made severe and/or minor mistakes, such as adding at the wrong galaxy, at the wrong planet, or just in a way where deletion is the best way out of the mess. We cannot assume users to be perfect. At least the "owner" of the entry should have a "Delete" option, whether the outcome is later reviewed by an admin or not.

Once more, I really appreciate your effort and look forward to see this site take off.

Have fun

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Post by Sande »

I agree, I update daily and only use the /note copy paste method. Would take forever a single resource at a time.

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Post by Onyx »

I only ever use the notepad and copy/paste a comma delimited text file to the old swgcraft when updating.

The GUI is nice to have for the few and far betweens, but I too think most of the power updaters do it via text files.
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Post by Milla »

I only use the copy/paste method, and to tell the truth, one of the main reasons why I haven't moved to this site yet is that this feature is disabled currently.
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Post by Treoir »

As someone who has a limited time for SWG (who doesn't), I think the copy/paste from the clip board is easier. I have occasionally contributed to both sites. I will contribute more here when a delimited file submission format is available. I look forward to that day.
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