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Confused n00b

Post by debbie1260 » Fri Jul 06, 2007 9:34 pm


Please forgive my ignorance, but I'm a bit confused as to how you are handling current resource spawns. Is there a page to view this data a la SWCraft has? Or, do I need to download something first or what?

I think this project is a spectacular idea, btw. I have been growing more and more anxious about the availability of the old site, and it's great to see folks taking the initiative to start another site. I know it must be a tremendous amount of work, and I, for one, greatly appreciate it. I would be happy to report any of my resource findings...but I have no idea how.

Edit: Ok, I found the resource page, and I have a question. If we have new survey info, should we add it here or to the old SWGCraft Resource page? It looks like you are importing data from there.

Do you have any idea when Mustafar data will be able to be added here?



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Post by Savacc » Sat Jul 07, 2007 12:48 am

This site is still under construction, we are not quite ready to go yet. As you have noticed we are both importing swgcraft's data, and exporting ours to them. The plan is for that to continue as long as both sites exist. Even though I am trying to get involved here, it is a daily habit of mine to check swgcraft for its current resources. Our hope here is that we can eventually make this the preferred site for reporting and checking resources.

When SOE adds Mustafar to the ISD reports, then you will see it updated more reliably, wether its here or there.

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