Porting over Data from SWGCraft

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Porting over Data from SWGCraft

Post by npurdin » Sun Jul 01, 2007 12:01 am

Is this even a remote possibility? I'm sure someone knows how to make a crawler that could get the job done, tedious as it may be. (I suck at that actually) Is this an option, is SWGCraft going to release their huge data tables for everyone, or is getting data from SWGCraft not an option?

If not...What about parsing from a CFR? I think this would take someone who knows the code REALLY well... perhaps someone from swgemu... and I still don't know if that's even possible, but if we can't get data from SWGCraft, I think that's our only other option to complete the data sets. (Plus, using CFR's to get data means we'll get every resource that has ever spawned, as opposed to ever resource *reported*)

Anyway, just curious about where we are on getting old data into the site. If there's anythign I can do to help, let me know, though I'll admit I haven't touched code in over 4 years.

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Post by Slyvampy » Wed Jul 04, 2007 7:08 am

Please review this post:


This should keep you uptodate on what we are currently working on.
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