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Server Best

Post by andhanni » Sat Mar 07, 2009 11:59 am

I would like some day to see to searches:

1. Server Best for Span ever of each resource
2. Server Best for Current Spans

The first one would be an excellent guide for anyone and the second would give an individual an idea where to get the current best item in span of each resource. This one (the second) would benefit new players and those that do not wish to hunt for the extreme best that ever span or waste a ton of 30K deeds getting those best resources.

The second one should also have a mark if the current span is the Server Best Ever like a * or something.

Just my 2 cents on future enhancements to swgcraft.

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Re: Server Best

Post by Belisama » Sat Mar 07, 2009 1:41 pm

andhanni wrote:I1. Server Best for Span ever of each resource
hmm.. i bet an AS (need OQ + SR on it) would call another leather hide "server best" then a chef (need only OQ on it).

So: there is a easy way to found the resource *you* would call server best:
1. go to the "find resource" page
2. select your server
3. select the resource your want to find the best-ever
4. don't forget to mark "consider caps"
5. type in the stats the schematic want (liek 50OQ 50SR if your AS)
6. hit the button "find resource"

Done ! You made it ! you got the list of all resources with the best ever of all reported at the top.

If you wannt to check other resources for the same schematic (so it use the same expermientation) - use the "modify search" at the ot above the resource list. That way the page remind the stats you looking for, the server - and even if you consider the caps. You just have to change the resource class and got the next list. YAY ! :)

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Re: Server Best

Post by Zimoon » Sat Mar 07, 2009 3:23 pm

I believe this can be implemented in two ways and both can co-exist.
  • Add a feature named My Searches.

    This feature would allow a user to define individual searches and save them per user. For example I could have a search query that is "Carbonite Steel OQ=33 SR=33 UT=33 Note='ISDroids'". Building a list of my personal search queries and click through them all.
  • Standard templates for the most common queries.

    Either define some common queries right away, or regularly scan the db of individual search queries to find the most common, and add them to the list.
However, I agree with Beli, what is server best for me is perhaps not server best for you. It all depends on the search query.

Another issue, not all resources are reported to SWGCraft. Hopefully all server best are, but in the case they are not, then ...


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