Resouces calculator and swgcraft

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Resouces calculator and swgcraft

Post by Itzofa » Thu Jan 15, 2009 2:25 pm

Hello all!

Being relative new at crafting, I've been using the resouces calculator alot, but was wondering:

Instead of me first typing in the name and then varius numbers, could we get a server specific dropdown bar with the resouce names and when choosing the name, then make it fill out the empty fields.

So that the only thing I need to do, is A: Locate resouce and B: Insert % values

(I usaly just type in resouce 1,2,3 etc instead of the name...)


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Re: Resouces calculator and swgcraft

Post by Sobuno » Thu Jan 15, 2009 3:03 pm

In short, no

Allow me to explain:

There are approximately 33.000 resources entered per server in average at the moment. There are 6 fields that would need to be converted to dropdown-fields on the Resource Quality page.

That's a total of 33.000*6 = 198.000 entries in all 6 dropdowns combined.

The average resource name length is 7 characters. Thus, 198.000*7 = 1.386.000 characters for all resource names. Add the <select> and </select> tags to this: 1.386.000+198.000*8+198.000*9 = 4.752.000 characters. Then, you would need the stats stored somewhere on the page too, which would mean you would have to have something coded in JavaScript or similar to populate the boxes. Adding the stats would probably add another million characters or something like that, but I am not going to calculate that.

Now, let's assume that a character = a byte. This would mean that we would have 4.752.000 bytes, also known as 4,752 megabytes. In comparison, the file currently consists of approximately 12.000 bytes, or 12 kilobytes, of static data (Excluding headers and menus). The amount of data sent to your computer is significantly lower because of compression though.

The actual data needed would be even larger though because resources can now be transfered from server to server and people would want to compare resources from their originating server to resources on their destination server. This would mean that the page would actually have to load all resources, resulting in a size of 4.752.000*28 = 52.866.000 bytes or 52 megabytes. Of course, you'd have to add the stats 28 times too.

A normal dropdown would not be possible, but it could be created through the use of AJAX or something similar.

Then again, we could just have the resources added to My Resources be able to be quick-input to that page so that you can always compare your top resources with whatever.

Also, sorry if this came off as grumpy, it was not intended as so, I just got caught up in the moment.


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Re: Resouces calculator and swgcraft

Post by Zimoon » Thu Jan 15, 2009 10:00 pm

First of, welcome around Itzofa :D

Sobuno is right, wit the current technique it is not feasible to meet that wish.

Slowly but surely we are add such features to SWGAide. It takes some work at our minimal spare time to do, and to do it right :)


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