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Schematics are now able to be viewed (Sort of)

Posted: Sat Apr 21, 2007 4:11 pm
by Sobuno
I've just opened the "View Schematic" page for everyone. The reason for doing this is that we need to translate all of identification tags that used to our ID Tags.

Example: mtl is their internal identification tag for metal while ours is a number (22 in this case)

So please post away with the names for the different identification tags that you see on the viewschematics.php page... You don't need to post our internal ID numbers as I'll take care of looking them up

Posted: Wed May 02, 2007 1:24 am
by Onyx
A few missing schematics - currently granted with chef expertise (the old BE chef tissues):

All are on the old SWGCraft

Multisaccharide Dimate
20 Organic, 20 Milk, 25 Flora Food
Flavor increase 10-30%

Hyper Yeast Additive
20 Organic, 20 Cereal, 20 Wild Meat
Quantity increase 100-200%

Micronutrient Supplement
20 Organic, 15 Flora Food, 15 Creature Food
Nutrition increase 30-60%

Carboreductive Catalyst
20 Organic, 15 Domesticated Meat, 20 Wild Meat
Filling decrease 5-15%

Hyper Yeast Concentrate
25 Organic, 20 Cereal, 20 Wild Meat
Quantity increase 200-300%

Multisaccharide Tetramate
35 Seeds, 30 Milk, 30 Flora Food
Flavor increase 30-50%

Broad-spectrum Nutrients
35 Organic, 25 Flora Food, 20 Creature Food
Nutrition increase 60-90%

Caloric Conversion Supplement
35 Seeds, 30 Domesticated Meat, 35 Wild Meat
Filling decrease 15-30%

Multisaccharade Pentamate
35 Berries, 40 Milk, 45 Flora Food
Flavor increase 50-70%

Edible Nano Constructors
25 Vegetables, 40 Cereal, 30 Wild Meat Quantity increase 300-400%

Intelligent Nanonutrients
55 Organic, 35 Flora Food, 20 Creature Food
Nutrition increase 90-120%

Carbocaloric Eliminator
35 Fruit, 40 Domesticated Meat, 45 Wild Meat
Filling decrease 30-50%

Posted: Fri May 18, 2007 7:33 pm
by Sobuno
Added experimental properties, and a resource usage link on all the resources