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Post by Sobuno » Fri Jun 22, 2007 6:32 pm

Zimoon wrote:
Sobuno wrote:You are now able to make resources unavailable. Just click the link on current resources :)

Making a resource unavailable on one planet makes it unavailable on all other planets too
Rather make that feature checkboxes than links and you will have the best features since sliced bread :D

Being able to mark multiple resources unavailable in one shot is the number one asked for feature at the old

Anyway, I commend you for your hard work with the site, I only wish I had more time to help, but I do not, except making unashamed remarks when work permits ;)


Your request should be fulfilled now... Those ugly checkboxes next to the Make Unavailable link is for multi-unavailabling :) Hopefully, Slyvampy will make it prettier


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