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A former site benefit..

Post by Newmoon » Tue Jul 15, 2008 2:02 pm

A long time ago, I used to update the old swgcraft. A check it would perform was, "do you wish to make this resource available for this planet?"
I loved it. I miss it horribly. After you enter the name of the resource, it would perform a check of current spawns on the server. This meant you didn't have to hunt down and write in all the stats, only to find that resource was already in spawn.
Could you do a DB call for that at the same time you do the calculator check? After you've entered the name, and type of resource, it does a call to see what stats you need to enter. Can you also have it do a scan of current spawns for that name?
It saves me from having to change from planet specific screen, to all planets screen to see if it's in spawn, before I hunt down the stats.

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