Shopping List Unit Quantity Error

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Shopping List Unit Quantity Error

Post by omnitree » Sat Jun 21, 2008 4:56 am

First I'd like to say thats for providing this resource to SWG Crafters. I am a new Structural Trader as of yesterday and have already added a couple resources to the database.

The problem...I added two Schematics, the Solar Power Generator (Structural Expertise I) and Mineral Mining Extractor (Structural Expertise I) to the Shopping List. The totals shown in the Shopping List are not even close to those found within the Schematics. Unless the structural modules, etc are optional to the manufacture of the item. If this is the case, is there someway you can make it easier to determine 'optional' schematic components?

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Re: Shopping List Unit Quantity Error

Post by Sobuno » Sat Jun 21, 2008 10:02 am

The Shopping List only lists the resources used directly in the item you're crafting as it would slow down drastically if it had to include all component resources, and so on.

If a component in a schematic is optional, it will have "(Optional)" after its name aswell as a little checkbox to include/exclude it from the schematic on the schematics page (The total amount of resources will change, aswell as the little shopping list on the schematics page)

I do plan to have the Shopping List ask you if you want to add the components to your shopping list aswell. They'll be listed under their own name though.

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