GU16 Trader Schems

Submit ideas and suggestions on how we display, catalogue and export the schematics.

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GU16 Trader Schems

Post by AtiInc »

These have been announced by HanseSOE on the OF, they are gonna be given as rewards for the city invasions, looks like we will have some work to do! :P


HanseSOE wrote:

GU16 may contain more rewards. These rewards are some that would be easy to create and generate more interest in battlefields and invasions. Some rewards may require all battlefield tokens plus invasion tokens.

I've gathered some ideas from a thread on this forum and added them to my own. If you have an idea or know of some art in the tre files not being used, please post your suggestion here.

Disclaimer: Keep in mind, we may not add these rewards. I cannot guarantee your suggestion gets into the game.

Gold Trimmed Capes
Imperial/Rebel Mini-Turret
Battle Worn Rebel Special Forces Armor for Humanoids
Battle Worn Imperial Marine Armor for Humanoids
Entertainer ribbons
Trader schematics (unknown!)

Keep in mind we won't be able to do something insane like a totally new outfit or a new vehicle. We need to keep these tasks simple but impressive.

Have fun suggesting!


So get suggesting if you want some kind of schemetic, you may just get lucky. ... id=1046182
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