Looted schematics from GU 14

Submit ideas and suggestions on how we display, catalogue and export the schematics.

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Looted schematics from GU 14

Post by Zimoon »

There are 4 schematics added in GU 14 which are looted from the Quarantine Zone:
Deceased Shackled Prisoner
Deceased Stormtroopers
Experimental Lung Vat
Scientific Work Desk

All 4 are Structure Trader, Essential I. They use looted items of various kinds, which I have added in the Additional Info section for now. I think they should be added as looted "components".

There are a few more schematics "missing":
Prison Jumpsuit
Prison Guard Pants
Prison Guard Jacket
All three sounds Tailor. Anybody have the info for them?

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Re: Looted schematics from GU 14

Post by fridge33sam »

I've made the others, but the 4 you are looking for are unconfirmed to my knowledge, but then again, i have been out of game since halloween...
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