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Deed for: R3 Droid - Droid Brain quantity inaccurate

Posted: Fri Jan 01, 2021 10:10 pm
by rekarb
The quantity of Droid Brains required for the "Deed for: R3 Droid" is inaccurate on the site. A single Combat-Capable Socket Cluster requires Three "Droid Combat Modules" each of which need 1 Droid Brain. The swgcraft schematic indicates that each "Droid Combat Module" requires three Droid Brains each.


Re: Deed for: R3 Droid - Droid Brain quantity inaccurate

Posted: Mon Jan 04, 2021 1:17 am
by Savacc
OK, I see what you are saying, but why choose to single out the R3 Deed? The same issue is on the R2, the R2 Advanced and the R3 Advanced Deeds.
It looks like anywhere there is an option for a "Combat Capable Cluster", they (I'm not sure, I suspect it was someone at the Emu, but it might have been Sobuno) decided to use "Combat Modules" in the three "Combat Capable Cluster" slots. It is certainly a dubious assumption to make. Any droid module can be used, and it doesn't have to be three, though three would be the maximum.

I am not seeing an easy way for me to edit that part of the schematic. I suspect I will have to delete the old schematics and re enter it all over without the additional Droid Brains. I'm not sure I want to attempt that. The schematics have been this way for eight years now. How important is this to you?

Re: Deed for: R3 Droid - Droid Brain quantity inaccurate

Posted: Sat Jan 09, 2021 7:36 pm
by Sobuno
I think you found a bug in the website. If you click through to the "Droid Combat Module" (, it only shows it requiring 1 Droid Brain, yet for some reason (probably related to the 3 slots) becomes 3 per slot when listed under "Combat-Capable Socket Cluster".

Savacc, can you spell out the change you are talking about? What does the actual schematic for "Combat-Capable Socket Cluster" say?

Re: Deed for: R3 Droid - Droid Brain quantity inaccurate

Posted: Sun Jan 10, 2021 4:14 am
by Savacc
A Combat Capable Cluster can take any droid module (socket). They are not "optional" you must put at least one in. The only option is whether you use one, two or three, and which ones.

The module does not have to be a combat module, it could be a crafting station, creature harvest, medical, entertainer, stim dispenser, data or item storage, as I say, any module.

The issue, I suppose, becomes that you must put something in it, if you just left them empty, in the schematic listing, the total resource usage, and XP would be incomplete. Putting three combat modules in, makes sense, as that would give you a clearer picture of how many total resources, and XP, you will need/get.

If I were entering the schematic, though, I would leave the three modules/sockets blank and note which (the list would be kind of long) modules can be used in those slots.
A quick look tells me we only list the combat module as being able to go into a Combat capable cluster (not the case).

I think you get the part that the combat modules only take one Droid Brain each, and the Combat Capable Cluster, itself, takes one droid brain, for a total of four (if you put three Combat Modules in the Cluster). We have it listed as ten total Droid Brains, an obvious error.

Re: Deed for: R3 Droid - Droid Brain quantity inaccurate

Posted: Thu Jan 14, 2021 8:19 pm
by Sobuno
I have changed Combat-Capable Socket Cluster's components to be of the type "Combat Capable Service Modules" as per this site's screenshot: ... et_Cluster

I have gone through and mapped the modules I could find (Never played a Droid Engineer), which means the category contains some stuff now - Only one module in the combat section though...

(Oh yeah, and I fixed the display bug with the Droid Brains - not that it shows on that page anymore now)

Re: Deed for: R3 Droid - Droid Brain quantity inaccurate

Posted: Sat Jan 16, 2021 4:53 am
by Savacc
That looks great :mrgreen: