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Nabooian Domesticated Milk is possible to attain w/o resource deed

Posted: Thu Sep 10, 2020 9:16 am
by Wilwa
I'm on Basilisk and can confirm that Nabooian Domesticated Milk can be milked from Plodding falumpasets. They also drop Domestic Meat too, which is very nice. I found in some older documents that said motley kaadus would drop domesticated milk as well, however, I found that they were unable to be milked at all.

Would it be possible to remove the "This resource can only be obtained by using a Veteran Reward Resource Crate" warning flag from the Nabooian Domesticated Milk on the current resources page?

Re: Nabooian Domesticated Milk is possible to attain w/o resource deed

Posted: Fri Sep 11, 2020 12:04 am
by Savacc
There is another thread about Corellian Domesticated Milk with the same exact issue. It is flagged as only available from a 30k resource kit, but we also show the creatures it can be harvested from. So the flag for only available from a resource kit is in error. Unfortunately, I see no way that I can change it. I asked a developer for this site to look into it, and his comment was that it looked to be hard coded. He also told me he did not have time to look further. I have not heard from him since.

Currently, I am the only one who attempts to maintain this site, and I don't know how to code. The "owner" logs in every month or so. He does keep paying the bills, so we have that. If I find someone interested in helping maintain the site, this is one of the things I will ask to be put on a "to do" list. Actually, this one should be one of the easiest to correct.

Re: Nabooian Domesticated Milk is possible to attain w/o resource deed

Posted: Wed Sep 16, 2020 1:54 am
by Slyvampy
Hi guys

Do we have evidence this is correct from the original game and not a 'bug' fix for the emu? I can not find anything that points to the former. If you can share some evidence that this is the case I will galdly 'change' this and resolve any potential problems going forth.

Re: Nabooian Domesticated Milk is possible to attain w/o resource deed

Posted: Wed Sep 16, 2020 5:06 am
by Savacc
The earlier thread concerning Corellian Domesticated Milk, looks like SolarisJedi corrected that, since it is no longer listing as only from a 30k resource kit.

To be honest Slyvampi, I understanding what you are asking, I just don't get what difference it makes. The Emu is the only pre-CU version anyone can play. If the Emu has creatures dropping Domesticated Milk on certain planets, then that is what we should report. Why would we stick to a game no one can play and ignore the game our posters do play?

I did do some research. In 2011 and the Emu did not have all of the creatures it has now and Domesticated Milk only dropped from one creature in the game. By 2012 they added several more. That seems to line up with the info we have. My guess is that is when Sobuno mined data from the Emu and set up our pre-CU servers. Since 2012 more creatures have been added that drop Domesticated Milk on planets that did not have it before. However, it looks to me that Sobuno got info of the creatures the Emu intended to, one day, add and we have that. That is the explanation I am guessing at for why we list some planets as only getting Domesticated Milk from 30k resource kits, but also list creatures that drop it. Because that was the state of the Emu in 2012.

I looked for stuff on pre-CU, but Google failed me. A lot of that stuff is no longer kept on the Internet. The Emu devs are the planet's experts on this subject and have info we don't. And even if they don't know, and are just making it up, who is able to call them on it?

I'm not sure how well you follow the Emu, but they are close to finishing their project. Close enough that they have all the creatures added.

Checking our lists for Domesticated Milk, the tags for only available from a 30k resource kit on Dathmir, Lok, and Naboo, are errors. The tags for Rori and Yavin are correct.
If there are other creature resource than Domesticated Milk where the same is true, I can't say without doing a lot more research. I can say no one has reported anything other than Dom Milk to us.

I'm glad to see offering to help, it gets lonely around here sometimes.