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Resource caps makes my head spin.

Posted: Fri Jan 22, 2010 4:07 pm
by Swedishoyster
I don't know how this works as I haven't had time to experiment, but when you make ship blueprints, say a Tie Bomber as an example you need "Steel" 24k of it. The stats are OQ, UT, SR and MA with 25% of each, so far so good.
But when browsing around on this site looking for best possible piece of steel it seems that swgcraft treats "Steel" as it has a MA cap lower than 1000, but surely the JTL Steel must be counted as "Steel" and thus the cap should be 1000, right?
Now as I said I haven't tried this, but as I see it 2 things are true, either all Steel is treated as having a 1000 cap when it comes to Ship blueprints, making it pretty silly not top use a JTL steel for that eben thoug it says just "Steel". OR it treats all Steel as having a cap at 400 (or is it 600?) except the JTL steel then making other steels with a decent MA around 350 viable as well..?
I hope you get what I'm after...

Re: Resource caps makes my head spin.

Posted: Fri Jan 22, 2010 5:45 pm
by Zimoon
The JTL resources are anomalies that goes beyond the system.

The cap for Steel remains where it once was set, but true, JTL steel can surpass this. It still just counts as 100% in a resource slot for Steel, a bonus we must live with 8)

This topic is discussed in the Beginners Guide, which has been revised and edit over the recent weeks, plus in the Condensed Lunariel's Guide. Links in the General Crafting forum.


I am no shippy, I would perhaps have waited for Savacc for a definite reply. Perhaps SW schematics are different, but I don't think so.

Re: Resource caps makes my head spin.

Posted: Fri Jan 22, 2010 9:51 pm
by Savacc
Shipwright schematics behave like all other schematics when it comes to Resource Caps.

When a schematic calls for a JTL Steel, then it uses the caps of the JTL resource (1-1000)
When a schematic calls for Steel, it uses the caps for Steel (MA 1-400). If you use a JTL steel with MA over 400, the schematic will treat it as if it were 400. That is, it is rated as 100%. There is no bonus for using a JTL steel over MA 400, you can not get a result over 100% and all calculations for Resource caps are made before any other calculations, such as rounding with other resources.

So a steel with MA 360+ (384+) is just as good to use as a JTL steel with MA 1000 (after figuring the Caps and adding the +40 resource bonus) edits in red

Actually Steel is an easy one to figure here. Now try to figure out which Ore you should be using for MA. :wink:

Edit - Well, actually the JTL steel, or a regular steel with MA 400, will be slightly better to use because rounding with other resources is done before the +40 bonus is added and 400 rounds higher then 360. :|

Edit again - Thinking about this some more, Im wrong. You would need a Steel with MA of 384+ to be as good (sort of) as a JTL steel of 1000. Because, as I said before, the calculations for caps are made before averaging and the +40 bonus. The calculation in question is value/cap_for_stat * 1000. So a MA of 360 will come out 900 (360/400*1000 = 900). To get 960 you would need MA of 384.
Wow, I have confused my self here. Or I should say, I was originally confused till I thought about it some more. I hope the rest of you can follow my thought processes here and understand where I was going wrong and how I got it right finally. :|

As complicated as I have made this become, which Ore to use is even more complicated. :roll:

Re: Resource caps makes my head spin.

Posted: Fri Jan 22, 2010 10:13 pm
by Zimoon
/target self
/pat belly

Re: Resource caps makes my head spin.

Posted: Sat Jan 23, 2010 12:47 am
by Zimoon
Heh, Savacc and myself should probably launch a retirement club where we can sit and discuss the first SW movie from 1977 and how great the girls were those days :lol:

First of all, adjust for caps right away, each resource slot for itself using its required resource class. Savacc just showed how to adjust for caps. A cap can never pass 100%, but of course it is better to use JTL if there are rounding errors, and we know there are in SWG, but the difference is most often negligible.

Let me just say, there are two ways to look at this:

Per resource: this just gives a rough idea of how good a resource is for something. Then just taken the required stats and the values adjusted for caps and do the math. So, using your steel and MA/OQ/SR/UT 25/25/25/25 (but OQ, SR, and UT has no caps):

Code: Select all

0.25 * adjusted_value_MA + 0.25 * OQ + 0.25 * SR + 0.25 * UT
If the result is better than 960 we casually say that the resource is awesome. Remember, that is just a rough, first-hand assessment.

Per experimentation line: this gives the final and the reliable result for the specified attribute on the final product. But is also the more complex equation. However, SWG never mixes exp. lines for some result, but we as Traders want to find a mix where we can get as good a result for all lines that matters. For this one I simply refer to chapter 8 in Beginners Guide.

It is in the latter case that the 40 refinery points are added after that everything else is computed, once per exp. line. Hence, if you have a decent resource and a superb resource the better one can perhaps compensate for the weaker one and still get over 960. Plus the 40 on that. Thence, for the real result an individual resource's values are not important as such, but they can very well be the last drip that caps your stuff.

Just remember: It is the mix of resources that counts, not one by one.
And: Schematic is king! If the schematic says Steel it is steel and not JTL steel that sets the rules.

Good night folks, sweet dreams :)