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X-Wing Advanced Loadout:

Posted: Tue Sep 30, 2008 9:10 pm
by Monty Burns
I am finally going to make a concerted effort to bring my ship up to a reasonable level so I figured I would ask for some advice as to what I should replace "urgently", what can wait and what I should replace it with.

What I would like though is specifics ie the sort of numbers I should be looking for in replacement items because I really don't have a clue myself.

So with that in mind here is the current list of major components (I haven't bothered with droid interfaces, weapons, ordnance etc. so the "combined" mass and energy use will not match exactly what I have posted)

I am certified for level 8 equipment:

X-Wing Advanced

General Data:
Mass: 167611/180000 (161348/180000)
Energy: 16670/17999 (16102/24142)
Chassis: 2000/2000
Note: The figures contain existing guns, booster, droid and missile launcher.
Reactor:Mk IV Fusion Reactor Replaced With Proton Chamber Reactor
Armor: 466.6 (489.6)
Hitpoints: 901.7 (489.6)
Mass: 11411.4 (11893.2)
Generation: 17999.5 (24141.9)
Engine:Mk IV Starfighter Engine
Armor: 489.2
Hitpoints: 891.6
Mass: 12914.8
Drain: 2084.6
PR: 66.9
YR: 66.9
RR: 59.7
Speed: 104.9
Shield:Mk IV Deflector Shield Generator
Armor: 455.5
Hitpoints: 871.2
Mass: 15978.6
Drain: 3255.6
Front: 1917.1
Rear: 1963.4
Recharge: 12.59
Rear Armor:Mk IV Durasteel Plating
Armor: 1876.0
Hitpoints: 1452.3
Mass: 14308.5
Front Armor:Mk IV Durasteel Plating
Armor: 1879.3
Hitpoints: 1450.9
Mass: 14078.6
Capacitor:Mk IV Weapons Capacitor Replaced with Qualdex Conservator QX2
Armor: 445.6 (524.0)
Hitpoints: 887.5 (524.0)
Mass: 13894.0 (8010.0)
Drain: 1220.9 (652.6)
Cap Energy: 899.5 (1232.1)
Recharge: 54.5 (45.4) * I am not sure this is a significant improvement over what I had?

Any advice would be appreciated.

If this works out I will look at upgrading the other items at a later date.

PS: I have decided to use these forums at the risk of few responses rather than the SOE boards where I will no doubt get 10 pages of "everything sucks and so does SOE" posts.

Re: X-Wing Advanced Loadout:

Posted: Tue Sep 30, 2008 9:41 pm
by Lespin
It's been awhile since ive messed with my Adv-X loadout, but you can see it here:
Its mostly REed stuff, with the engine, shields, booster, and DI are crafted.

Reactor: Looks ok for now, but you want to shoot for around the same mass and increase the Gen Rate.
Engine: keep around the same drain or lower, increase PYR/Speed
Shield: not sure, but looks ok cept for drain
Armor: Mass looks to be on the heavy side, it may be possible to get sub 10k mass for the 1kish armor or better
Capacitor: Drain looks way off, typo? shoot for sub 700 drain, plus 1000 capacity, plus 50 recharge, sub 8k mass. My RE6 does a great job, but the recharge was lucky.

Weapons are very important(moreso than armor), you eventually want RE8 guns, REed from Incom Tricannons.

Re: X-Wing Advanced Loadout:

Posted: Tue Sep 30, 2008 9:48 pm
by Monty Burns
You are right the capacitor number was a weird one and to be honest I have no idea where it came from, I have corrected it and added the component type.

I have left the offensive side of the ship out of this post as I would just like to concentrate on the primary ship components at this stage and to be honest I don't have any issues destroying T4 and T5 ships but once I have tidied everything else up I will move to armament.

In terms of the reactor that particular one is a Mk IV Fusion Reactor, I am looking at upgrading to a Modified Mk V which will give me about 3k more power and if done right only about 1k more mass.

All of these parts I have made myself and measured there "quality" against the same items on the broker and in those terms they compare favourably however that does not mean they are "good" items so I do not mind replacing things but I can happily say I have not seen any player made items on the broker that are significantly better and I have not yet looked at RE stuff as it just confuses me.

Re: X-Wing Advanced Loadout:

Posted: Tue Sep 30, 2008 11:25 pm
by Laidbacca
X wing is a damage dealing fighter so think on your weapons platform first, you will never go wrong with dual RE lvl 8 borstels/tri cannons, there going to take up 50k mass roughly and 4k drain. That will leave you with 130k mass to play with.

First of ditch your crafted reactors, spending 30 mins on vendor search for either lvl 4,5 or 6 reactors will cut your mass and boost your gen rate, even a raw level 6 can beat your current reactor on both gen and mass. Look to get at least 22k gen with 10k mass from a decent RE job, less mass here the better.

Next your cap, either change to a mk4 collection or a lvl 6 RE job, a lvl 6 is a good alternative to crafted as it gives a huge mass saving and can still push out over 50 on recharge when RE'd well. The new collection caps are all very good, a mk 3 collect cap is a very nice cap as well. 8k mass for RE lvl 6 and 16k mass for mk 4 collect.

Shield, look to use a lvl 8 reward shield (aquired as a tier 4 squadron reward) 2550 hitpoints when RE'd and 28k mass or thereabouts, can go as low as 22-33k mass with these.

One good tip for fast searching of space loot using vendor search is to use look up the loot page and set the part/level you want, this then displays the names of each exact piece of spaceloot you then simply filter using vendor search and browse them for the stats you are needing. Using that website saves a bunch of time sifting thru vendor search for the best parts.

Armour, if you have aquired a decent lvl 8 reward RE shield then you can forgo a bit on armour, the 600 hitpoints you gain from the lvl 8 shield means you can go down to lvl 6 RE or lvl 7 RE armour, mass saving with these is substantial over crafted armour, a decent lvl 6 plate should be around 1300+ hitpoints and 4k mass.

Engine, the engine build is all about your flying style, if your a dogfighter then you want a capped speed stabilised engine or a hybrid overhauled with speed line not capped but extra points used in yaw and pitch lines, somewhere about 110 speed on a mk 5 collection engine with rest of points used in the yaw and pitch lines makes for a really nice turn fighter that can still run if need be. Alternatively you could go with out and out jouster using an overdriver sub for a 125 ts engine or 122ts with a fully experimented overhauled sub. 37k mass needed here with up to 2200 drain.

That little lot should weigh in at around 100-110k mass, leaving you room enough for a missile tube if preferred and possible upgrades to lvl 8 RE armour. Should you want to stick with lvl 6 or 7 armour you may be able to upgrade to a lvl 10 shield for even more replenishable protection.

One other tip, try out various builds of mk 5 crafted engines in your X wing before building the collection engine you want, use the ordinary mk 5's to determine what turn rates/speed best suit you.

Re: X-Wing Advanced Loadout:

Posted: Tue Sep 30, 2008 11:45 pm
by Monty Burns
Well after reading that I feel less like Monty Burns and more like Ralph Wigum.


I agree that my choice of weapons will be important but until I have systems that can support good weapons I am really just wasting my time.

But I am now scouring the broker for new parts and will note the changes as I go.

Re: X-Wing Advanced Loadout:

Posted: Wed Oct 01, 2008 12:47 pm
by Lespin
Good weapons will have low drain and energy per shot, and therefore as long as you have a decent capacitor and reactor, you will be fine. When I load out ships, I start out with the weapons, then the engine, then reactor, cap, shields, and so on.

Re: X-Wing Advanced Loadout:

Posted: Wed Oct 01, 2008 6:21 pm
by Laidbacca
Monty Burns wrote:Well after reading that I feel less like Monty Burns and more like Ralph Wigum.


I agree that my choice of weapons will be important but until I have systems that can support good weapons I am really just wasting my time.

But I am now scouring the broker for new parts and will note the changes as I go.

Heh, getting a good ship loadout can take a while so don't be to worried about a lack of raw loot parts to RE, get looting, help out with squadron missions for friends/guildies and don't be scared to drop your squadron once completed and do another one. A lot of benefits and tips to be had from remastering squadrons, if truth be told there are probably very few pilots on any server who are completely happy with all there ships loadouts. Many aquire a decent set of parts and then swap them into other chassis when they fancy flying something different.

The ideal way to go about setting up/loading out a ship is to aquire decent made RE gear complimented with high end crafted parts, keep swapping out crafted gear as and when you can. As your stock of RE'able loot grows and your RE parts get better and better you can look to fine tune your loadouts even more to produce the ultimate space killing machine.

A few tips for remastering squadrons. Once you have mastered the first time kit out the heavy variant for that faction with the best parts you can lay your hands on. Then once you drop master pilot and pickup another same faction squadron you can start using the heavy variant right away, this applies to rebel and freelancers, imps heavy variant needs tier 1, box 1 completed before they can use the TIE Heavy. The pre loaded heavy variant will allow you to motor thru the first three tiers quite quickly. Once one squadron has been mastered you start to earn bonus xp for any others that you do, these are typically double xp for the 2nd squadron, treble xp for mastering a different faction once a 2nd squadron has been completed and quadruple xp for mastering at least one squadron of all three factions, needless to say once double xp or better starts kicking in the 1mill xp boxes go rather fast on tier4.

Borstel disruptors are the easiest lvl 8 reward weapon to obtain, i myself can grind out one in about 3 hours using a multiple master freelance pilot with a pre loaded heavy syck. The results of doing this enabled me to fully kit out a GB with RE 8's using the disruptors. Simply fly thru your freelancer squadron untill you obtain the disruptor at tier 4 box 2 then drop pilot, rinse and repeat as many times as you want for the amount of reward weapons you think you will need. Tri cannons are the rebel alternative to the disruptor, these take slightly longer to obtain as they are tier 4 box 4 rewards, simply doing all three rebel squadrons will still however let you obtain them.

Other squadron reward parts you get that are worth having is the haor chall lvl 8 engine (hitpoints), lvl 6 reward reactor (hitpoints), lvl 6 armour slab (hitpoints), booster lvl 4 and 8 (energy, drain, mass, recharge), lvl 8 shield (f/b hitpoints).

Re: X-Wing Advanced Loadout:

Posted: Wed Oct 01, 2008 8:20 pm
by Monty Burns
Hehe I have a house full of level 6-10 space loot (I probably should reduce it to level 8-10 loot) but absolutely no clue as to how RE Ship parts or more precisely what ship parts I should combine.

In terms of building ships I have always concentrated on Reactor, Capacitor, Guns and then everything else equally but I am finding that at higher levels I am taking more and more damage so I need to find cure for that.

I have no issues destroying T5 vessels in about 10 shots (sometimes more sometimes less) so I tend to believe my guns are fine (I may be wrong of course) I really just want to develop the rest of the ship to stand up to the punishment.

Re: X-Wing Advanced Loadout:

Posted: Wed Oct 01, 2008 9:01 pm
by Lespin
IIRC, w/overloads and 2x good RE8 guns , you can cut that 10 shots for a tier 5 down to 5 or less shots.

There is a art and some math to figuring out what REable parts to collect.

Personally, I keep only the amount of parts I need to create 1 good part for each (2 for armor/weapons) part I eventually want to RE. For example, I keep the top 8 RE8 engines, top 16 RE8 armor, top 16 RE8 guns, top 10 RE10 engines, and the top 6 RE6 engines. I store the best parts in bags(the ones with the best stats only), and any filler pieces on a vendor(for example, 14 random RE10 armors, since only 6 are needed to get the best stats for 2 slabs of armor), next to those bags.

Off the top of my head, as for what I keep, RE4+ reactors, RE6,8,10 engines, RE6+ weapons, RE4,8 boosters, RE4+ armor, RE10 droid interfaces, RE6+ sheilds, RE4,6,8,10 capacitors, and a sprinkling of RE1-3 stuff, since they dont take up too much room.

It's not the most efficient, but it works for me.

Re: X-Wing Advanced Loadout:

Posted: Wed Oct 01, 2008 9:35 pm
by Monty Burns
My problem is that I don't know what is good and what isn't for REing so I just keep everything in the hopes I will one day trip over a "Space REing for Dummies" guide.

As much as I have concentrated on the shipwright aspect of my crafting I have tended to find myself tied up in Beast Master and Structures trading (to the point that the only suit I have is for Structures) so I have not done anything more than collect the parts.

Re: X-Wing Advanced Loadout:

Posted: Thu Oct 02, 2008 12:19 pm
by Laidbacca
That spacetribe site if you explore it a bit lists loot from worst to best stat, if you start by keeping anything thats rated over 90% by there site you will start to build up a lot of decent raw loot parts. When you finally go to RE parts look for parts that fall into the 95% or better range, the stuff you have below 95% can be used as filler.

Quite simply the RE process takes the best stat from each loot piece and combines it into one brand new part, therefore low mass/drain, high damage/ V's armour, shields etc when all combined makes for some very nice parts once the bonus is added.

A simple example would be a lvl 4 cap, you have 4 reverse engineering lvl 4 raw loot parts, there best stat for each part is one No1 a recharge of 43, No2 has a mass of 2200, No3 has an energy level of 1050, No4 has a drain of 520. The process takes those 4 caps with those stats being the best on each one and combines them into one piece which it will then apply a 4% bonus to, this will give you a cap with 44.7 recharge, 2112 mass, 1092 energy and 499 drain. That alone doesnt look like much of a saving but factor in up to 10 parts and also allow for the fact that the bonus will be higher for higher level parts. A lvl 8 engine with 23500 mass would drop down to 22090, thats a large amount of mass freed up for other stuff, typically better shielding/armour or a larger weapon.

Re: X-Wing Advanced Loadout:

Posted: Thu Oct 02, 2008 8:37 pm
by Monty Burns
How important is having the 10% RE bonus from the Expertise tree?

Right now I don't have it but suspect I will need to get it, which will mean rethinking my Expertise lines.

Re: X-Wing Advanced Loadout:

Posted: Thu Oct 02, 2008 10:10 pm
by Lespin
You can get the extra +10% (its really only +1% for Shipwright REing) from the clothing stat Reverse Engineering(+10 will do it). I would get it one way or another. My Structures toon is just there for shipwrighting and the occasional piece of furniture, so I used Expertise on it.

Re: X-Wing Advanced Loadout:

Posted: Thu Oct 02, 2008 10:47 pm
by Laidbacca
Yeah it can be obtained thru clothing or pup's, if its only an occasional piece you will be looking to RE then that would be the way to go, i prefer not to have to worry about such things and took the expertise so its now a "fire and forget" for me when i RE.

Re: X-Wing Advanced Loadout:

Posted: Sun Oct 05, 2008 4:49 am
by Monty Burns
Well I have run into a dead end on buying upgrades as there is nothing for sale that I would consider an upgrade and it will take me a month of Sundays to collect the items I need to make a descent item so I have put the ship development on hold until I can find a way forward.