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Post by Savacc »

Ok its been a long time since I was in a biology class. But thinking about it, you are right, water is not an organic resource, in rl or in game. :oops:
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Post by Milla »


I'm trying to add the following resource to FarStar / Talus:


I get an error message saying "The following resource(s) already exists on the chosen server/planet combination:

But the resource is not displayed on the Talus /FarStar page.

I've checked the old site, too, but Vovoaide has not been entered there yet on the Farstar/Talus resource page (I thought maybe the importer script caused a glitch).
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Post by Zbignew »

Savacc wrote:Water is an organic resource that CAN have multiple spawns. There is the "fixed pool" spawn for every planet, then for some reason, water is also a possible "random pool" resource. Its not that common for there to be two waters spawning on a planet, but we have seen upto three spawn.
I have also seen multiple spawns of water, particularly on Talus where I was often looking for that water when it was used for stims.

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Post by Zimoon »

Yes, but this was not about Water but only about Organic resources.
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