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Welcome to SWGCraft.co.uk

Post by Slyvampy »

Hello fellow crafters...

I am just going to introduce what the SWGCraft project is and what our aims and methods are.

Since the owner of SWGcraft.com (Trokk) no longer updates and or supports SWGCraft, we have decided to create a new exciting site for the crafters of SWG.

The overall goal is to create a new home for SWGCraft, with tribute to Trokk's existing work with all the new information etc, regarding the NGE.
The ideas that have put together are simple in mind, but expandable to the limits of the game, these include:

As swgcraft currently offers a lot of these features, I would like to expand on trokks work...

# Full Resource Tree, with designed areas for each type.

# Full Schematics Tree, with full detailed type, resources usages, user end models (including colours etc, where applicable).
-- This adapts to --

# Full product library with images and sizes etc.

# Crafting facility to use past/present resources to find the experimental percentages. (to included the fixed buffs as well).

# XP Charts for all crafting professions.
-- This expands to include sub-components--

# With the new BEAST mastery coming up, to include pet incubation methods and experiments etc.

# Auto updates bases on ISdroids.

# Managed profiles, with ability to keep stock of resources (which would be linked to the schematics tree and crafting facility).

# Harvester calculators (including elites).

# Profession abilities with schematics etc.

# Expertise abilities listed, with a calculator.

# RE Loot Table

But what I really want to do is generate a community like SWGCraft.com has but on a more up-to-date level. I want to do it on a level working with the community and making the site fully customizable.

Please follow the development threads in the development forum for more detailed information and our progress.
Founder, SWGCraft.org
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