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Post Date: 2011-07-28 12:29:00
Author: Hjal

Open post (At the Official Forums)

The post:

Ztez wrote:

Hjal wrote:

If people prefer that, I can add the Mooc and the Pangrack as possible mutations.

We've thought they were possible mutations since GU16, a year ago heh ....

Can you confirm or deny that the Malosaur, Tusked Bull Thune, Finned Blaggart, Spiny Gorgilla are currently available as mutations?


Not to rage too much, but a fair amount of thought and effort has gone into trying to mutate the mooc/pangrack... sucks to find out they were never even in.

They are all in. The Mooc and Pangrek were set up at the time but simply not added to any loot lists.