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Kippe, Endorian Insect Meat (Basilisk)

% of cap (Cap)36.8% (1000)3.6% (1000)89% (1000)61.3% (1000)
PlanetAdded atAdded byMarked unavailable atMarked unavailable by
Endor12:00:05 24-03-2021SWGCraft ParserStill availableN/A
This resource can be harvested from the following creatures:
a bark mite burrower
a bark mite burrower collector
a bark mite burrower drone
a bark mite burrower queen
a bark mite burrower swarmling
a bark mite burrower worker
a bloodseeker mite
a bloodseeker mite drone
a bloodseeker mite guardian
a bloodseeker mite hunter
a bloodseeker mite queen
a sanguin bloodseeker hierarch
an arachne drone
an arachne fleshripper
an arachne hatchling
an arachne queen
an arachne warrior
an arachne webmaster
an arachne widow


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