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Saleme, Nabooian Scaley Hide (Basilisk)

% of cap (Cap)47.7% (1000)2.6% (1000)44.9% (1000)1.2% (1000)71.2% (1000)
PlanetAdded atAdded byMarked unavailable atMarked unavailable by
Naboo12:00:18 28-04-2019SWGCraft Parser12:00:39 21-05-2019SWGCraft Parser
This resource can be harvested from the following creatures:
a capper spineflap
a capper spineflap drone
a deadly hooded rawl
a fanned rawl
a flewt
a flewt leviathan
a horned krevol
a knotted krevol
a mountain krevol
a spiked krevol
a spineflap gatherer
a spineflap guard
a spineflap handmaiden
a spineflap queen
a spineflap soldier


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