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Vucieppi, Tatooinian Bristley Hide (Basilisk)

% of cap (Cap)23.9% (1000)46.5% (1000)27.8% (1000)95.3% (1000)72.5% (1000)
PlanetAdded atAdded byMarked unavailable atMarked unavailable by
Tatooine12:00:07 13-03-2019SWGCraft Parser12:00:34 29-03-2019SWGCraft Parser
This resource can be harvested from the following creatures:

a canyon krayt dragon
a cu pa
a dragonet
a dune lizard
a giant canyon krayt dragon
a juvenile canyon krayt dragon
a krayt dragon ancient
a rill
a scyk
a sunstained dune lizard
a tempest rill
an armodragon


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