Schematic Category

This category is a subcategory of the Top category

These categories are subcategories of this category:

Armor Component
Chemistry Component
Community Crafting Component
Droid Component
Electronics Component
Genetic Component
Lightsaber Crystal
Manufacturing Boosters
Material Enhancers
Melee Weapon Component
Munition Component
Ranged Weapon Component
Structure Component
Tissue Component

The following schematics belong to either the Component category or a descendant of the Component category and can thus be used in a slot that requires an item of the Component category:

Novice Architect
- Fluidic Drilling Pump Unit
- Generator Turbine
- Harvesting Mechanism
- Light Ore Mining Unit
- Light Power Core Unit
- Manufacturing Mechanism
- Ore Mining Unit
- Small Structure Storage Module
- Structural Module
- Wall Module

Buildings I: Small Houses
- Power Core Unit
- Structure Storage Module

Installations II: Medium Harvesters
- Heavy Harvesting Mechanism
- Turbo Fluidic Drilling Pump Unit

Deflectors I: Deflector Components
- Deflector Shield Emitter Assembly
- Deflector Shield Generator - Energy Ray
- Deflector Shield Generator - Particle
- Deflector Shield Projector Plate

Master Armorsmith
- R.I.S. Armor Layer

Novice Artisan
- Small Glass

Domestic Arts I: Simple Cooking
- Carbosyrup
- Fiberplast Panel

Domestic Arts II: Simple Tailoring
- Dough
- Metal Fasteners

Domestic Arts IV: Clothing Repair
- Large Glass
- Light Food Additive

Master Artisan
- Control Unit
- Electronics GP Module
- Electronics Memory Module
- Energy Distributor
- Micro Sensor Suite
- Power Conditioner

Novice Bio-Engineer
- Multisaccharide Dimate

Tissue Engineering I
- Hyper Yeast Additive
- Micronutrient Supplement

Tissue Engineering II
- Carboreductive Catalyst
- Hyper Yeast Concentrate

Tissue Engineering III
- Broad-Spectrum Nutrients
- Caloric Conversion Supplement
- Multisaccharide Tetramate

Tissue Engineering IV
- Edible Nano Constructors
- Multisaccharide Pentamate

Master Bio-Engineer
- Carbocaloric Eliminator
- Intelligent Nanonutrients

Novice Chef
- Alcohol
- Medium Food Additive
- Soypro

Desserts I: Pastries
- Bantha Butter

Entrees I: Basic Meals
- Protato

Desserts II: Cakes
- Sweet Cake Mix

Mixology II: Fruity Drinks
- Cask

Master Chef
- Barrel
- Heavy Food Additive

Novice Droid Engineer
- Effects Module (Avian)
- Level 1 Droid Data Module
- Level 1 Droid Item Storage Module
- Playback Module

Intermediate Droid Production
- Creature Harvest Module
- Level 2 Droid Data Module
- Level 2 Droid Item Storage Module
- Weapon Droid Crafting Station Module

Advanced Droid Production
- Level 3 Droid Item Storage Module

Advanced Droid Construction Techniques
- Droid Combat Module
- Food Droid Crafting Station Module

Expert Droid Production
- Auto-Repair Module
- Effects Module (Mind Bloom)
- Level 2 Droid Structure Maintenance Module
- Level 4 Droid Data Module
- Level 4 Droid Item Storage Module

Expert Droid Construction Techniques
- Clothing Droid Crafting Station Module

Master Droid Production
- Effects Module (Dancing Jawa)
- Level 5 Droid Data Module
- Level 5 Droid Item Storage Module
- Structure Droid Crafting Station Module

Master Droid Engineer
- Detonation Module
- Level 3 Droid Structure Maintenance Module
- Level 6 Droid Data Module
- Level 6 Droid Item Storage Module
- Ship Component Crafting Module

Novice Musician
- Dual Wave Synthesizer

Novice Tailor
- Synthetic Cloth

Casual Wear I: Basics
- Shoe Sole

Field Wear I: Basic Gear
- Cargo Pocket

Formal Wear I: Fashion Basics
- Trim

Field Wear II: Reinforced Fibers
- Reinforced Fiber Panel

Formal Wear II: Jewelry
- Jewelry Setting

Field Wear III: Martial Gear
- Armor Padding

Novice Weaponsmith
- Blade Vibro Unit
- Blaster Power-handler
- Blaster-pistol Barrel
- Light Warhead Mechanism
- Projectile Feed Mechanism
- Projectile Pistol Barrel
- Reinforcement Core
- Rifle Stock
- Sword Core
- Warhead Fusing Mechanism
- Weapon Scope

Intermediate Firearms Crafting
- Blaster-rifle Barrel
- Chemical-dispersion Mechanism
- Projectile Rifle Barrel

Intermediate Munitions Crafting
- Chemical Warhead
- Medium Warhead Mechanism

Advanced Melee Weapons Crafting
- Advanced Reinforcement Core
- Advanced Sword Core

Advanced Munitions Crafting
- Heavy Warhead Mechanism
- Warhead Stabilizing Device

Expert Firearms Crafting
- Advanced Blaster Pistol Barrel
- Advanced Blaster Power Handler
- Advanced Projectile Feed Mechanism
- Advanced Projectile Pistol Barrel
- Advanced Weapon Scope
- Advanced Weapon Stock

Expert Melee Weapons Crafting
- Advanced Vibro Blade Unit

Master Firearms Crafting
- Advanced Blaster Rifle Barrel
- Advanced Chemical Dispersion Mechanism
- Advanced Projectile Rifle Barrel

Master Weaponsmith
- Geonosian Reinforcement Core
- Geonosian Sword Core