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Schematic NameSkill requiredComplexity
Wall ModuleNovice Architect15
Warhead Fusing MechanismNovice Weaponsmith15
Warhead Stabilizing DeviceAdvanced Munitions Crafting30
Warm HatCasual Wear III: Weather Wear19
Water Survey DeviceNovice Artisan7
Weapon Capacitor Repair KitNovice Shipwright11
Weapon Droid Crafting Station ModuleIntermediate Droid Production17
Weapon Repair KitNovice Shipwright11
Weapon Repair ToolEngineering II: Hardware Design7
Weapon ScopeNovice Weaponsmith14
Weapon Upgrade KitNovice Weaponsmith15
Weapon, Droid, and General Item Crafting StationNovice Architect20
Weapon, Droid, and General Item Crafting ToolEngineering I: Tinkering10
Weighted Waist WrapNovice Tailor20
Weighted Wookiee HoodDomestic Arts IV: Clothing Repair15
Weighted Wookiee PulloverDomestic Arts III: Basic Desserts8
Widebuckle BeltFormal Wear II: Jewelry15
Willpower Area Disease Delivery Unit - AAdvanced Combat Medicine Crafting25
Willpower Area Disease Delivery Unit - BMaster Combat Medicine Crafting35
Willpower Area Disease Delivery Unit - CMaster Combat Medic45
Willpower Disease Delivery Unit - AIntermediate Combat Medicine Crafting20
Willpower Disease Delivery Unit - BExpert Combat Medicine Crafting30
Willpower Disease Delivery Unit - CMaster Combat Medic50
Wind Current Surveying ToolNovice Artisan8
Winged HawtpantsMaster Tailor20
Wire Mesh TrapNovice Scout2
Women's ShoesCasual Wear I: Basics17
Won-WonDesserts I: Pastries6
Wood StaffEngineering I: Tinkering2
Wooden ChairFurniture II: Stylish12
Wookiee Arm WrapsDomestic Arts I: Simple Cooking4
Wookiee Battle PaddingField Wear II: Reinforced Fibers15
Wookiee Hide JerkinNovice Artisan4
Wookiee Padded GlovesCasual Wear III: Weather Wear17
Wookiee Sage\'s HoodFormal Wear II: Jewelry19
Wookiee Shoulder PadField Wear III: Martial Gear18
Wookiee SmockCasual Wear III: Weather Wear20
Wookiee Strapped GlovesCasual Wear I: Basics15
Wookiee Traveller's HelmNovice Tailor19
WoolamanderMaster Bio-Engineer30
Wooly JacketNovice Tailor18
Wooly ShirtCasual Wear IV: Complex Clothing21
Work SlacksDomestic Arts III: Basic Desserts10
Workman's BeltNovice Tailor15
Workman's GlovesField Wear II: Reinforced Fibers15
Worshipful Droid Personality ChipExpert Droid Production20
Wrapped BootsDomestic Arts IV: Clothing Repair14
Wrapped SkirtDomestic Arts II: Simple Tailoring9
Wrinkled PantsDomestic Arts I: Simple Cooking6