Master Merchant and Vendors
By Zimoon

Master Merchant tree and Vendors

Brief overview of the Traders path to Master Merchant, when abilities and skills are achieved, plus some comments.
Also, Beginners Guide for Traders, chapter 10.

Attention: There is currently a bug that may cause you trouble if you try to create a "random NPC vendor". Until you reach level 34, please use the terminal or droid vendor options. See Senator Onyx' advice.

CL 1: Access fees on structures.
CL 4: Premium auctions.
CL 7: One vendor, the Bulky terminal. Total of 250 items.
CL 10: Total of 2 vendors and total of 500 items.
Additional vendor type: Droid: Robo Bartender.
CL 14: Total of 3 vendors and total of 750 items.
Additional vendor types:
NPCs: Bothan, Human, Mon Calamari, Rodian, Trandosian, Twi'lek, Wokiee and Zabrak;
Terminal: Small;
Droid: EG-6 Power Droid.
CL 30: Bazaar fee discount by 20%.
CL 34: Total of 4 vendors and total of 1000 items.
Ability to let vendors ad-bark selectable sales pitches.
Ability to use a cool sign for houses.
CL 38: Total of 1250 items.
CL 46: Vendor Maintenance discount by 20%.
CL 50: Total of 5 vendors and total of 1500 items.
Ability to let vendors greet customers with custom sales pitches.
Additional vendor types:
NPCs: Aqualish, Bith, Devaronian, Gran, Ishi Tib, Ithorian, Nikto, Quarren, Sullustan, and Weequay;
Droid: WED Treadwell.
CL 54: Total of 1750 items.
CL 58: Total of 1850 items.
CL 62: Total of 2050 items.
Total Bazaar Fee discount 40%.
CL 66: Total of 7 vendors and total of 2200 items.
Ability to register vendors for a category at the Planetary Map for a fee.
Another sign for houses.
CL 70: Total of 2350 items.
CL 78: Total of 8 vendors and total of 2500 items.
Planetary Map Registry fee reduced by 20%.
CL 82: Total of 10 vendors and total of 3000 items.
Ability to place a Merchant Barker Droid*.
Ability to dress and decorate NPC vendors**.
Additional vendor types:
Terminals: Fancy and Slim;
Droid: 2-1-B Surgical Droid.
CL82: Ability to place a Merchant's Tent.
Structure Maintenance discount by 20% ***.
Another sign for houses.
CL 90: Total of 12 vendors and total of 4000 items.
Total Vendor Maintenance discount 40%.
Additional vendor type: Protocol Droid (cannot ad-bark).

Misc comments

Server resets: The vendors must be "awakened" after each server reset by somebody visiting the mall to load its content into the world. That makes them visible at the Planetary Map.

Items' lifetime on vendor: Once an item is put up for sale it is on sale for 30 days, thereafter it falls back into Stockroom. Unless you relist or retrieve the item it stays in Stockroom another 30 days thereafter it is deleted. An item that you instantly withdraw from sale stays for 60 days in Stockroom and is then deleted.

Vendor safety: An empty vendor without anything up for sale or a vendor without any activity soon becomes vulnerable for self-destruction. As "activity" counts only purchases off of the vendor or you put up items for sale from your inventory.

Offers to vendor: Unfortunately no notification mail is sent to you if anybody offer you something at the Offers tab, just a system message if you are on-line. If you reject the offer the vendor sends a mail to the seller, who has 7 days to retrieve the item before it is deleted.

Storage vendors: There is no notion of "storage vendors" in SWG. Anything put up for sale is "for sale" no matter if you name the vendor or backpacks on it "Storage", "Private", or similar, no matter if you price them super high. But you will jeopardize your account if you name a backpack of junk items "Mando Armour items" or alike and put it up for sale for let's say 99.999 credits. For storage (which is not intended and hence at your own risk), rather use a vendor in some back room, do not register it on the planetary map, disable vendor search, and withdraw all precious items into the Stockroom, keeping just some junk items up for sale.

Total item count is shared across all your vendors. Thence, at the radial menu of any one of your vendors, "Status" displays the total item count for all your vendors.

Foot notes

* A Barker Droid is purchased from Trader Engineers. You program it with a message (max 128 letters) which is barked every 60 seconds if anybody is nearby. From its radial menu people can request a waypoint. Unfortunately all types of droids are autostored to your datapad when you travel by personal space ships or shuttles (JTL and ITV), paid-ticket traveling works though.

** Just drag&drop the clothing or item onto the vendor, which will replace and dispose the item occupying that particular slot. No vendor accepts bodysuits. Not all items work with all vendor races. Link: Undressing vendors

*** The Structure Maintenance discount applies to any structure you pay some maintenance for, until anybody not a CL82 Trader pays maintenance for that structure.

Picasa: SWG Vendors and Races or see Images of Vendors...


Robo Bartender



Mon Calamari






Small Terminal

EG-6 Power Droid





Ishi Tib






WED Treadwell Droid

Fancy Terminal

Slim Terminal

2-1B Surgical Droid

Protocol Droid

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