Reverse Engineering 101
By Zimoon


Reverse Engineering 101

SWG has two kinds of Reverse Engineering (RE): ground RE and space RE. This forum and this guide covers only ground RE.

Only Domestic, Engineer, and Munition Traders can do ground RE:
Domestic Trader --- for clothes
Munition Trader --- for armor
Trader Engineer --- for weapons
Only Structure Traders can do space RE.


Reverse Engineering Tool --- this tool is used for all tasks in ground RE, it works for armor, clothes, and weapon enhancers. Its efficiency range is 0 to 10.00. All traders can craft this tool, also Structure Traders even though they cannot use it.

Socket Retrofitting Tool --- this tool can free up an occupied socket; that action destroys the attachment. No tool exists to get back attachments. The schematic for this tool is obtained from an expertise option; it is seldom used, if ever.

RE Enhance Module --- a crafted consumable item that adds a bonus to creating power bits. From GU 17.11 this item guarantees +1 to +5 per iteration, its quality together with Luck and REChance determines the value. The RE Enhance Module is manufactured.

Skills and Abilities

Remember three important items: select the Attachment Upgrade expertise, improve the RE Chance skill, and improve the Luck attribute; but none of crafting stations, city specializations, or any other kind of ability, buff, or skill has any proven effect on RE. However, Assembly is important while crafting items that must have sockets.

RE Chance is more important than Luck; a master trader has 100 points and can obtain 10 more from the Deconstruction Technique expertise, thence it is a must-have expertise. Maximum is 159 points; see Appendix A for details.

Luck is obtained from modded suits, entertainer and smuggler buffs, eatables, stims, etc; see Appendix B for sources. It is debated when Luck vs. cost goes crazy but consensus is that Luck around 500 is enough for basic tasks, and somewhere above 1000 for HQ.

Attachment Upgrade is an important expertise, without it you cannot create multi-stat enhancements, thence it is a must-have expertise.

Sockets are added at random to an item during the crafting process but +160 Assembly "guarantees" a socket.
Notice: the type of Assembly must match the type of item: Artisan Assembly for Artisan items, Tailor Assembly for Tailor items, etc. Also, crafted jewelry never get sockets.
Notice: With the RE Enhance Module there is a minimum level of Luck+REChance to obtain the best possible power, its value is yet to be determined.

Concepts and Basic Overview

The basic items are: power bit, modifier bit, "skill enhancing attachment" (SEA), and "power-up" (PUP); and the basic terms include: "power bit order", "power conversion ratio", "basic modifier", and "exotic modifier".

Power bit --- this item is RE:d from a statted item. Max strengt is 35.

A statted item is an item with one or several stats and it is either looted or it is crafted and a SEA with one or several stats is added to it. An item which is or can be bio-linked cannot be RE:d, not even by its owner.

RE a looted item and the resulting power is based on the best of its stats plus a bonus which is determined by the item's combat level (CL), by the trader's RE Chance and Luck, and by the dice roll. With an optional RE Enhance Module its quality together with Luck+REChance determines a better outcome.

RE a crafted item; without an RE Enhance Module the resulting power is at most +1 point per turn but a novice struggles with many 0-turns. Thus, use a module to get guaranteed results.

Order --- a power bit is 1st, 2nd, or 3rd order which allows for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd modifier at the final SEA:
1st order can be replaced by any other order, but...
2nd order requires a 2nd order, and...
3rd order requires a 3rd order bit.
For a PUP anything is OK.

Modifier bit --- this item is RE:d from two looted junk items of different kinds. The number of possible combinations is several thousands because more than 120 different junk items exist. Known combinations are reported by players like you and me to: The JunkYard.

Power Conversion Ratio is a property of all modifier bits and is an integer between 1 and 18, the fix value is set by the modifier type. The value of the power bit is divided by this ratio, see below.

Basic Modifiers: Agility, Constitution, Stamina, Block Value, Camouflage, Luck, Precision, and Strength; these have Power Conversion Ratio = 1.

Exotic Modifiers: all non-basic modifiers; they have Power Conversion Ratio up to 18.

Skill Enhancing Attachment (SEA) and Power-UP (PUP) are the final products from RE. To create these items one modifier bit and one power bit are put into the RE tool. To create a multi-stat SEA yet another SEA is added to the tool, see below. There are also the Armor and Weapon Power Bits that are used while crafting chestplates and weapons respectively; these are not directly made in RE but are crafted by droid engineers and munition traders; there is no equivalent for Tailors.

PUP --- this item has just one modifier but several charges and each charge lasts for 30 minutes. A PUP is temporarily attached to a breast-plate, shirt, or weapon and it does not need a socket.

The strength of a PUP is based on this formula:

Code: Select all

PUP = round_down( 2 * Power_Bit / Modifier_Ratio * RE_Chance / 100 * X ) 
X varies around 1.0 but it is unclear exactly how X is defined. Either way, X is definitely there somehow and it is strongly governed by Luck and the dice roll.

A simpler but less accurate formula reads:

Code: Select all

PUP = 3 * Power_bit / Modifier_Ratio 
-- A PUP cannot take any kind of Experimentation modifier.
-- PUPs with REChance: max is +11, rarely +12 (for a short period it was possible to create +15 which a few players still own and use).

SEA --- this item can have max 3 modifiers; it is not possible to stack the same kind of modifier in one SEA.

The strength of a modifier at a SEA is determined by the following formula and it is set when the SEA is created

Code: Select all

MOD = round_down( Power_Bit / Modifier_Ratio ) 
Notice: SEA with exotic modifiers
This type of SEA is possible to attach just to socketed shirts, breastplates, and weapons. These are called Shirt, Breastplate, and Weapon SEA respectively. An important limitation is read in "Multi-Stat SEA".

Power Bit --> Result: when dividing power by ratio any decimals are discarded, hence it is a waste to use a too strong a power bit. This is a list of wanted power versus conversion ratio:

Code: Select all

Power    Ratio           Result
  35     1, 5 and 7      35, 7, and 5
  34     2 and 17        17 and 2
  33     3 and 11        11 and 3
  32     4, 8 and 16     8, 4 and 2
  30     6, 10 and 15    5, 3 and 2
  28     14              2
  27     9               3
  26     13              2
  24     12              2

Armor and Weapon Power Bit --- are crafted by Droid Engineers and/or Munition Traders and each of the schematics call for one power bit and one modifier bit. Using such a bit while crafting a chestplate or a weapon adds an inherent modifier to the item which cannot be removed. The math from above applies but the end result is even further reduced to 40% (the schematic for the armor bit is wrong and reads 25%):

Code: Select all

Inherent power = round_down( Power_Bit / Modifier * 0.4 )
Because of the truncating only modifier ratios <= 11 are interesting, the result for higher values is rounded down to zero.

Code: Select all

Ratio   Power       Result
  11        33         1
  10        30         1
   9        27         1
   8        32         1
   7        35         2
   6        30         2
   5        35         2
   4        32         3
   3        33         4
   2        34         6
   1        35        14


Power bit: Assume you have a looted vest with Luck +17; its CL, your RE Chance and Luck, plus fortune affect the RE process so the resulting power bit comes out weaker, equally strong, or stronger (use a RE Enhance Module to guarantee better outcome), most often 1st order but sometimes 2nd order. Assume the vest resulted in a 1st order power bit with power 19.

Modifier bit: RE two looted junk items, for example Medical Console and Circuit which always results in a modifier bit with Reverse Engineering Chance. The conversion ratio is 10 for RE Chance.

SEA: Now use the power bit with strength 19 and the RE Chance modifier bit to create a SEA; this results in a SEA with RE Chance +1. The reason is that 19/10=1.9 which is rounded down to 1, decimals are discarded.

PUP: Assume your trader has RE Chance 110 and now rather use the power bit and the modifier to create a PUP.
2 * 35 / 10 * 110 / 100 * ~1.0 = 7.7 => 7.

Compare that with a trader who has 157 RE Chance, that yields a PUP with RE Chance +10 or perhaps +11 if you have high enough Luck and fortune that perhaps yields X > 1.00091. A trader who has 159 RE Chance must be rather unfortunate to face a 10.

Summation of Basics:
  • Buff your RE Chance and Luck
  • RE 1 statted item + an optional RE Enhance Module for a power bit
  • RE 2 junk items for a modifier bit
  • Use the power bit and the modifier bit to create a SEA or PUP
Remember, this is an example, usually a "boosted" power bit is used together with the modifier bit...

Boost a Power Bit

When you RE a looted item it normally gains some points of power, but it is still far from 30 or 35. With an iterative process (several repetitive steps) the power bit is boosted upwards; how many iterations it takes is determined by your RE Chance, Luck, and fortune. However...

Add a RE Enhance Module to the process and each iteration is guaranteed +1; with a quality module and enough Luck and REChance each iteration yields up to +5 . The RE Enhance Module is crafted and manufactured by any Trader (Artisan skills) and is consumed in the iterating process.

Prerequisites: The iterative process consumes a large amount of crafted items that must have sockets; suggested items are casual shoes, BH belt, and decorative knifes (I say "belt" in the following examples). Furthermore, it consumes a large amount of basic modifier bits (non-exotic). Once you are prepared the iteration begins:
  1. Maximize your RE Chance and Luck
  2. Create the first SEA as described previously: 1 power bit + 1 modifier bit
  3. Add the SEA to a belt
  4. RE the belt (with an optional RE Enhance Module) to get another, stronger power bit
  5. Create another SEA with the power bit and a modifier
  6. Repeat from 3) until the wanted power is obtained
  7. Create the final SEA/PUP but with the wanted modifier
Remember that "wanted power" is determined by the conversion ratio of the wanted modifier, as is described above.

Unless you are using RE Enhance Modules a misfortune in step 4 sometimes yields a weaker power bit, enforcing yet more iterations. If you face too many mishaps your RE Chance and/or Luck is insufficient.

Multi-Stat SEA

The Attachment Upgrade expertise is essential to be able to create multi-stat SEAs.

Limitation: if one or more exotic modifiers should go into the final SEA, one of them must be added in the first step, as the first modifier. This creates a shirt, breast-plate, or weapon attachment.

Prerequisites: This method consumes 3 power bits with the wanted powers (created as described above), 3 wanted modifier bits, one 2-statted item, one +3-statted item, and a few casual modifiers and belts.
  1. Create a first SEA; use the first power bit and the wanted modifier (remember the limitation about exotics)
  2. Create a 2-statted SEA...
    1. If the second power bit is 2nd order already, go directly to step d --- otherwise, use it to create a temporary SEA using a casual modifier
    2. Add it to a belt
    3. RE the belt together with a 2-statted item to make a 2nd order power bit with retained power
    4. Create a SEA using this 2nd order power bit + a wanted modifier + the first SEA
  3. Create a 3-statted SEA...
    1. If the third power bit is 3rd order already, go directly to step d --- otherwise, use the third power bit to create a temporary SEA with a casual modifier
    2. Add it to a belt
    3. RE the belt together with a +3-statted item to make a 3rd order power bit with retained power
    4. Create a SEA using this 3rd order power bit + a wanted modifier + the 2-statted SEA
Any strength works for the multi-statted loot because the power comes from the power bit.

Misc & FAQ
  • Spec-Ops Duster takes Shirt Attachment but Armor PUP
  • Jedi Robe takes Breastplate Attachment but Weapon PUP
  • PSG takes Armor Attachment
  • Wearable slots from head to toe: headwear, shoulder armor left+right, bicep armor left+right, gloves, shirt, breastplate, bandolier, belt, pants, and footwear (12 pieces)
  • Jewelry: necklace, bracelets left+right, and rings left+right
  • Inherent modifier: breastplates and weapons can be crafted with an inherent modifier --- this inherent modifier is reduced to just 40% of the original power, hence only those with modifier ratio <= 11 makes sense (power 3 or higher)

Does the Socket Retrofitting Tool remove inherent modifiers crafted into items?
No, the tool removes only modifiers from an attached SEA, not modifiers crafted into the item.

APPENDIX A: RE Chance sources

Code: Select all

+ 100 Trader CL 90
+  10 RE Expertise
+  11 Breastplate PUP
+  11 Shirt PUP
+  11 Weapon PUP
+   5 Cybernetic Deconstruction Arm
+   3 Shirt SEA
+   4 Breastplate SEA (incl. inherent modifier)
+   4 Weapon SEA (incl. inherent modifier)
= 159 RE Chance 

APPENDIX B: Luck sources

Code: Select all

+  90 Trader CL 90 (more for the races Bothan, Mon Calamari and Twi'lek)
+  40 Charmed Artifact
+  50 Smuggler "Off the Books" Buff
+ 100 Smuggler GCW Banner
+ 100 Buy a kiss in booth next to Meatlump King (sometimes a -100 Luck kiss, see below)
+ 110 Cybernetic Deconstruction Arm
+ 125 Regular Jewelry (5 items with +25 each), or ...
+ 150 Denelian Fizz Pudding
+ 150 Heroism Jewelry (5 items * 30)
+ 150 Entertainer buff
+ 200 Shard Of Retaliation
+ 200 Chu-Gon Dar cube stims: Styptic Powder v3 + Willpower Boost Stim v3
+ 455 Wearables + weapon (13 items with +35 SEA on each)
(+ 50 Smuggler Spice (pre-NGE))
= way, way more than 1200
Notice that the Cybernetic Deconstruction Arm will take away the Bicep and the Shoulder armor items, but net balance is still positive.
Meatlump King, see post by Phonelesscord.

APPENDIX C: RE Chance Modifier Bit combinations:

Code: Select all

Medical Console + Circuit
Medical Console + Droid Memory ModuleChance
Medical Console + Untuned Circuit
Used Notebook + Differential Regulator
Used Notebook + Electronics Module

Feralmonkey's RE Guide
Grreeta's RE Guide
The JunkYard

APPENDIX D: Known useful junk items ( from JunkYard ): (July 4, 2009)

Code: Select all

A Broken Pressure Pump
A Clean Towel
A Damaged Droid Memory Unit
A Damaged Droid Motivator
A Damaged Droid Power Cell
A Damaged Droid Swivel Joint
A Datapad Picture
A disabled Homing Beacon
A disabled navigation module
A Drain Stopper
A Flaring, Swagging and Cutting Kit
A Gackle Bat Wing
A Half Eaten Pie
A Hand Torch
A Human Skull
A Leak Inspection System
A Lump Clip
A Magnetic Locator
A Malfuctioning Capacitor
A Meatlump Sculpture, Style 1
A Meatlump Sculpture, Style 2
A Medic Kit
A Musty Smelling Bedroll
A Petrified Meatlump
A Pipe Cutter
A Plunger
A Poison Canister
A Poison Canister (Hoth)
A Pressure Gauge
A Rebel Clearance Badge
A Rebel Medic Kit
A repair kit
A ruptured Tauntaun stomach
A Small Mining Tool
A Small Missile Crate
A Tauntaun eye
A Tauntaun heart
A Temperature Clamp
Ambush Detector
An ammunition crate
An Ancient Scroll
An Artifact
An Artifact Crate
An empty crate
An Imperial ration kit
An Infected Wampa brain
An infected wampa liver
An Instrument Pouch
Armor Repair Device
at-at movement control module
AT-AT seam sealant
AT-ST seam sealant
Burnt Out Droid Motor (Grey)
Burnt Out Motivator (Red)
Canceled Travel Ticket
Chassis Blueprints
Chemical Dispersion Device
Chemical Dispersion Unit
Circuit Board
Clogged Rebreather
Clothing Repair Device
Collapsed Artifact
Collectable commerative millenium Exar Kun coin
Com Device
Control Box
corrupt data disk
Data Housing
Demagnitized Data Disk
Deprecated Droid Software
Differential Regulator
Dispersal Unit
Droid Battery (Black/Green)
Droid Battery (Purple/Green)
Droid Battery (Teal)
Droid Battery(Gray/ ?)
Droid Memory Module
Droid Motor (Red)
Droid Motor (Yellow)
Electronics Module
Emergency Reactivator
Empty crate
Empty crate (Hoth)
Excavation Toolchest
Explosive Dud
Frequency Jamming Wired
housing improvements
Hydraulics System
Hyperdrive Unit
ID Badge
ID Chip
Imperial rations
Impulse Detector (Flat)
Impulse Detector (w/dish antenna)
Laser Trap
Launcher Tube
Magseal Detector
Mark I Circuit Board
Mark II Circuit Board
Mark II Vocabulation Module
Mark IV Circuit Board
Mark V Circuit Board
Mark V Vocab Module
Mark VII Vocabulation Module
Mark X Vocab Module
Medical Console
Medical Device
Medical Device (Grey)
Memory Encryptor
Newsfilter Module
Organichem Stores
Outdated Aeromagnifier
Palm Diary
Plugged Hydraulics System
Power Converter
Power Output Analyzer
Power Output Device
Power Supply
Power Unit
Rapid Program Module
Rations Kit
Rebel Clearance Badge
Rebel medic kit
Recording Rod
Remote Transmitter
Restraining Device
Rocket Dud
Rusty Case
Sacred Writings
Self Analysis Circuit
Servo Joint
Shield Module
Software Module (Black)
Software Module (Blue)
Speeder Drive
Spent Bacta Ampules
Substance Analyzer
Survival Gear
Tauntaun bones
Tauntaun Skull and bones
Tech Canister
Unidentified Bones
Unidentified Chemicals
Unpowered Installation Repair Device
Unpowered Memory Encryptor
Unpowered Survey Pad
Untuned Circuit
Used ID Chip
Used Ledger
Used Notebook
Used Vidscreen
Used Wiring
Weak Droid Battery
Weapon Scope
Wiped Software Module
Wire Element
Wiring (Black/White)
Wiring (Blue/White)
Wiring (Green/White)
Wiring (Orange/White)
Wiring (Purple/White)
Wiring (Red/White)
Wiring (Red/Yellow)
Wiring (Teal/White)
Wiring (White/White)
Wiring (Yellow/Black)
Wiring (Yellow/White)
Worn Servo Joint
Writing Utensil
APPENDIX E: Modifiers (from JunkYard) (July 5, 2009)

Code: Select all

Name                               Conversion Ratio
1-H [Melee] Critical Chance                      10
1-H Lightsaber Action Cost                       10
1-H Lightsaber Damage                            14
1-H Melee Action Cost                            10
1-H Melee Damage                                 14
2-H Lightsaber Action Cost                       10
2-H Lightsaber Damage                            14
2-H Melee Action Cost                            10
2-H Melee Critical Chance                        10
2-H Melee Damage                                 14
Advanced [Component] Assembly                     3
Advanced Component Experimentation                4
Agility                                           1
Armor Assembly                                    3
Armor Experimentation                             4
Artisan Assembly                                  3
Artisan Experimentation                           4
Assassinate Action Cost                           8
Assassinate Critical Chance                       8
Assassinate Damage                                8
Assassinate Freeshot Chance                       8
Assault Action Cost                               8
Assault Critical Chance                           8
Assault Damage                                    8
Assault Freeshot Chance                           8
Beast Experience                                  7
Bleeding Absorption                               4
Bleeding Resistance                               4
block chance                                      1
Block Chance                                      4
Block Value                                       1
Booster Assembly                                  3
Booster Experimentation                           4
Camouflage                                        1
Carbine Action Cost                              10
Carbine Critial Chance                           10
Carbine Damage                                   14
Chasis Assembly                                   3
Chassis Experimentation                           4
Clothing Assembly                                 3
Clothing Experimentation                          4
Combat Defense: Critical Hit Defense              4
Constitution                                      1
Creature Critical Chance                         10
Critical Chance Increase                         15
Dance Knowledge                                   3
Dance Prop Assembly                               3
Dancing Enhancement                               3
Devastation                                      15
Disease Absorption                                4
Disease Resistance                                4
Dodge Chance                                      8
Dodge Reduction                                   8
Droid Assembly                                    3
Droid Critical Chance                            10
Droid Experimentation                             4
Droid Speed                                       3
Elemental Penetration : Acid                     10
Elemental Penetration: Cold                      10
Elemental Penetration: Heat                      10
Engine Assembly                                   3
Engine Experimentation                            4
Evasion Chance                                    3
Evasion Value                                     4
Fast Draw/Precision Strike Action Cost            8
Fast Draw/Precision Strike Critical Chance        8
Fast Draw/Precision Strike Damage                 8
Fast Draw/Precision Strike Freeshot Chance        8
Fervent Mutation                                 10
Fire Absorption                                   4
Fire Resistance                                   4
Focused Enzyme Manipulation                      10
Focused Fire Action                               8
Focused Fire Critical Chance                      8
Focused Fire Damage                               8
Focused Fire Freeshot Chance                      8
Food Assembly                                     3
Food Experimentation                              4
Glancing Blow Increase                           18
Glancing Blow Increase (Melee)                   14
Glancing Blow Increase (Ranged)                  14
Heal Action Cost Reduction                       10
Healing Potency                                   8
Heavy Weapon Action Cost                         10
Heavy Weapon Critical Chance                     10
Heavy Weapon Damage                              14
Humanoid Critical Chance                         10
Incubation Time Reduction                         3
Instrument Assembly                               3
Jedi Strike Action Cost                           8
Jedi Strike Critical Chance                       8
Jedi Strike Freeshot Chance                       8
Lightsaber Assembly                               3
Lightsaber Experimentation                        5
Luck                                              1
Music Knowledge                                   3
Musical Enhancement                               3
Parry Chance                                      6
Pistol Action Cost                               10
Pistol Critical Chance                           10
Pistol Damage                                    14
Poison Absorption                                 4
Poison Resistance                                 4
Polearm Action Cost                              10
Polearm Critical Chance                          10
Polearm Damage                                   14
Polearm Lightsaber Action Cost                   10
Polearm Lightsaber Damage                        14
Power Systems [Assembly]                          3
Power Systems Experimentation                     4
Precision                                         1
PVP Critical Chance                              10
revers                                            1
Reverse Engineering Chance                       10
Rifle Action Cost                                10
Rifle Critical Chance                            10
Rifle Damage                                     14
Shield Experimentation                            4
Shields Assembly                                  3
Stamina                                           1
Strength                                          1
Strike Damage [Jedi]                              8
Strikethrough Chance                              6
Strikethrough Value                               4
Structure Assembly                                3
Structure Experimentation                         4
Sure Shot Action Cost                             8
Sure Shot Critical Chance                         8
Sure Shot Damage                                  8
Sure Shot Freeshot Chance                         8
Tracking Droids                                   4
Unarmed Action Cost                              10
Unarmed Critical Chance                          10
Unarmed Damage                                   14
Vital Strice Action Cost                          8
Vital Strike Critical Chance                      8
Vital Strike Damage                               8
Vital Strike Freeshot Chance                      8
Weapon Assembly                                   3
Weapon Experimentation                            4
Weapon Systems [Assembly]                         3
Weapon Systems Experimentation                    4

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